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All about the Orisha Aggayú Solá, the Giant of the Yoruba Religion

Aggayu Solá

Delving into the mystery and power of Aggayú Solá is enter a world of strength and transformation.

Like Orisha of volcanoes and burning flames, Aggayú Solá envelops us with its imposing energy and connects us with passion and inner vigor. Its ancestral rituals, sacred prayers and the stories that surround it awaken in us a deep desire to explore and discover the hidden power that lies within our being.

Knowing the power of Aggayú Solá in the Regla de Osha or Santeria is delve into a tradition rich in symbolism and ancestral wisdom. His attributes reveal to us the greatness and stability that we can achieve when we connect with our own essence and allow ourselves to burn with intensity.

Join us on this journey of discovery and let yourself be captivated by the sacred fire of Aggayú Solá.

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