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Pataki ≫ How did Aggayú Solá discover that Kawó Silé was her son?

Aggayú and Shango

Aggayu Solá he was a stocky giant of lava and volcanic rock, his great physical strength instilled fear among those around him, he is accompaniedañaHis strong and rude character had earned him the nickname of the invincible.

This being the holy owner of the river currents, he was in charge of crossing mortals and other Orishas from shore to shore with the sole condition of receiving remuneration in exchange for the services rendered.

The secret history of Aggayú and Yemayá

One day he decided to cross to the Orisha Yemaya the owner of the ocean, who had no coins to pay him with, so she had to do it with her body.

This event triggered the gestation and birth of Kawó Silé, the king of the batá drum, a secret that the saint kept silent for many years.

Aggayú Solá the Orisha what habita the desert, he was confident before the ups and downs of destiny, he believed himself invincible because he felt that his physical strength supported him from any evil, which is why he never closed the doors of his house.

Shango and his father Aggayú Solá meet

On one occasion Shangó, who was already a teenager and passed through the door of the ilé (house) of the giant and saw it full of fruits and vegetables, in a defiant act broke into the dwelling and ate and drank at will until he was defeated by the dream.

When Aggayú Solá returned from his daily chore, he found Shango asleep on his bed and in an act of fury he tried to burn him with his burning lava.

When he realized that the heat of the lava did not hurt him, he took him to the sea to end his life, in the middle of the act Yemayá came to the aid of his descendant and rescued him from the hands of Aggayú Solá, claiming that Kawó Silé was his son.

Then an icy current invaded the soul of the great Aggayú Solá when he realized the seriousness of the act he was going to commit, since he had serious intentions of ending the life of his own son.

Father and son become inseparable

Repentant, the saint apologized to Kawó Silé, from that day Aggayú Solá and Shangó habitaThey were together and became inseparable, he received the paternal love that for so many years in silence he had longed for.

Meanwhile, the gigantic saint Orisha was able to transmit his teachings to his descendant and learned thanks to his son's love to be more kind and charitable to those in need.

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