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Thanks to our Orishas in these difficult times

We were happy and we did not notice

If we do not learn to appreciate what we have, destiny will teach us.

In these times we understand that we were happy and we did not know, now is that many realize how lucky we are.

We always tend not to value the good things and right now we miss it.

In this chaos, enclosed within walls, we reflect and value what really counts.

So many values ​​have been lost that in my opinion Olofin is warning us.

Let's stop using religion as a vehicle to enrich ourselves, let's help our abures, let's not argue for frivolities and be able to acquire the true knowledge that our ancestors bequeathed to us.

Let's activate gratitude towards our Orishas.

I thank Olofin by the strength of my faith.

To Olorun by the grace of my life. 

To Oloddumare for my changes and transformations.

To my father Obatalá for your patience.

To my mother Oshún for so much love to my heart. 

To Yemayá for their harmony and dedication. 

To Eleggúa along its open roads. 

To Oggún for giving me the courage to improve myself. 

To Oshosi for its abundance. 

To Yanzá for fighting for my goals. 

To Shango for my resistance and for staying by my side.

To Orula for their advice. 

To Babalú Ayé for my health.

To Eggun for being my staff in my weaknesses.

I thank everyone for the opportunity to meet you and for my spiritual progress. 


Have a good day and may Olofin have mercy on us as always. 

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