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What is Eau de Cologne? A power amplifier and good faith

Eau de cologne

Cologne it is extremely popular today. Many of us have some type of eau de toilette, which we use mainly as a perfume, as it makes our body odor fresher and cleaner.

But we must know that eau de cologne is also known as spiritual water, and that classification includes those scented and consecrated liquids, which have been used over the years in spiritual ceremonies and rituals to enhance energy.

The spiritual waters are usually used as a channel or amplifier of the intention of the practitioner and are callers of luck and good energy.

Colonies have numerous ritual applications, including:

  • personal perfume to generate attraction or ward off negative situations
  • energetic cleaning of physical spaces or body of the person
  • fragrance and purifier of the home or business, using it in cleaning
  • ritual baths to achieve certain situations such as love, fortune, health
  • washing clothes so that good luck stays with us

Eau de cologne How does it arise? Where does its curious name come from?

Eau de Cologne is the oldest perfume brand in the world. This scented water was created in the city of Cologne, Germany. Hence its name.

The original Eau de Cologne was a very fresh fragrance that became popular for differentiating itself from the intense and heavy perfumes of the XNUMXth century.

Based on essential oils of lemon, orange, bergamot, mandarin, lime, cedar, grapefruit and a secret blend of herbs, eau de cologne obtained a privileged position in the world of perfumery.

Know these 8 types of Spiritual waters and their esoteric uses:

As dissimilar are the types of cologne that exist today, just as diverse are spiritual waters.

Next, we highlight some of the most popular for their esoteric uses to attract good luck and purify the environment.

1. Rose water to attract love

Rose water is associated with rituals of love, harmony, beauty, happiness, affection, and energy restoration.

2. Orange blossom water to bring peace

Like rose water, orange blossom water helps us fight anxiety, and promote inner peace, family harmony, romantic attraction, and reconciliations.

3. Rue colony to protect us from evil

Like the plant, the rue colony is strongly linked to protection, purification and spiritual cleansing. It can also endow us with physical vitality and enthusiasm.

4. Violet water to strengthen relationships

This popular colony increases our self-esteem and in our home it enhances tranquility and family ties.

5. Cinnamon water to generate attraction

Cinnamon water is ideal to call love and to surround physical spaces with positive energy. It is also used in rituals to attract money and abundance.

6. Lavender cologne to create tranquility

This aroma is widely used in the purification of homes and workplaces. Helps spiritual healing and drives away fears and blockages.

7. Colonia de Palo Santo to purify spaces

This cologne achieves energy balance and drives away negativity. It is also purifying and counteracts stress and negative feelings.

8. Florida water to ward off bad energy

Florida water is perhaps one of the best known and most used colonies in Santeria and esoteric rituals. She is the possessor of powers that chase away bad vibes, dark influences and the energy that sometimes sticks to us and closes our paths.

If you want to know the uses and meanings of Florida water you can read the following article by doing CLICK HERE.

Learn about some rituals where we use Eau de Cologne:

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