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Chronicle 15: The power of Ajá and the healer of Tawacomo

Ajá and the healer

«The patron saint of the jungle will cure you with her herbs»

Despite medical advances, the reality is that not all parts of the world can access them; some people inevitably have to resort to ancestral knowledge connected to nature. Something like this happened a long time ago in a remote village, where A terrible epidemic almost completely wiped out its people, if it were not for the presence of Flor Inés, the "Jujuman of Tawacomo."

In a place where the land was dry and hot, and the vegetation barely numbered five or six trees, was settled the village of Tawacomo. There were only ten families living there who helped each other to survive in such an inhospitable place. Despite that, they were happy people, grateful to their gods for life and, above all, for the laughter of children.

One day a lady with old features and a good countenance appeared, with authority she gathered them all together because she had something very important to tell them:

__ The snails told me about a special girl who has been blessed by Ajá, the Orisha of whirlwinds, I have come to take her to teach her everything I know and take my place after my departure. That's why I'm here. __

Like a perfect dance, everyone looked at Flor Inés, she couldn't be anyone else, her intelligence and intuition to see beyond gave her that special touch that that lady mentioned.

__ I have come for you little one, do not fear, Ajá It will make you wise and necessary. __. The woman said, and the girl, without a hint of fear, smiled at her.

__ I was waiting for you too...__, the infant responded, __ I'm ready. __

And the woman took her without any complaint from the parents, loaded with ten more little ones, wondering how to fill their bellies. As a divine announcement, the lady left them a good omen:

__ If one day misfortune were to fall upon this village, they only have to invoke the wild wind and it will bring salvation. __

Time passed, the children grew up and founded their own families, making the village grow, but poverty continued to plague the place and it was necessary to look for food elsewhere. From there came new goods, new people and also new evils.

It is not known who was the first, the truth is that an extraña Disease settled in the village, killing people mercilessly.

__We have to do something or there will be no one left in Tawacomo.__

But what to do? Poverty does not pay for doctors or medicines, that was when someone remembered the visit of that extraña woman.

__ The wild wind. __ , they all said and like a perfect chorus they began to call him until night enveloped the village and everyone returned to their hut to wait for death.

But it was not death who came, just before dawn, a strong whirlwind hit the place, raising a huge cloud of dust. When the wind calmed down, it was already there. The news spread from word to voice, everyone came out to see the beautiful young woman with a colorful dress and a large basket full of herbs and a baby goat.

No one could talk about such an impression, it was the girl who took the initiative.

__ Quick, heat water in the largest cauldron you have. __ . She told some of her while he ordered others to join her in milking the animals. When the water was boiling, she began to add herbs and stir, the aroma was pleasant permeating every space in the community.

__ Each family bring two pots. __

This is how they did it, in one he poured the herbal decoction, in the other the milked milk. He personally visited each patient, in addition to making them drink the concoction and milk, he administered to them, depending on the severity, one or another herb on the forehead or chest.

The task lasted three days, three days the same routine, at the fifth dawn the fog began to clear.

__ «I feel good… I'm better… Nothing hurts anymore…»__ , were the phrases of the sick, now with a lively and happy countenance. On the seventh day the woman said:

__ I leave the goats with them, also some herbs in case anyone feels bad. __. She picked up her bags and prepared to leave.

The whole village came out to say goodbye to her, when the distance began to grow great, someone shouted to her:

__ Sorry but... who are you... what is your name...! __

And the beautiful young woman turned smiling and said to them:

__ Maybe you don't remember me, I'm Flor Inés, your Jujuman! .__

And he left withañaThere was a whirlwind that raised enormous clouds of dust. Anxious, the villagers asked the oldest woman the meaning of that word:

__Jujuman…?, that means she is our Babalawo.__

Then everyone understood and with relief they returned to their chores, sure that, if it ever happened again, they would alsoaña Unfortunately, they only had to invoke the wild wind and surely the daughter of Ajá would arrive to help them.

«If you feel a wild wind, do not fear, it is the presence of the lady Ajá in the air. «

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