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Aja «the Sorceress who burned the Ifá board» ► Pataki Yoruba

aja yoruba

Aja was a powerful sorceress who lived in the body of a snake.

She had the gifts of getting whatever she wanted through her womb, on a certain occasion she wanted to marry and became a beautiful woman to achieve it.

Pataki from Ogbe Ogunda where Aja changes his misbehavior

At the time, she met a young man and married him, but every time he went out to work, Aja did evil things to him, did not fulfill his obligations as a wife and burned his clothes.

One day her husband could no longer handle her behavior and decided to separate from her.

Aja returned home, but she did not feel sad and since she wanted to remarry anyway, she seduced another man and returned to fulfill her goal.

Once she was betrothed, she began to change her behavior by doing bad deeds again.

She would run away from home, squander money and hide things from her husband so that he could not look good on his commitments.

When he realized his wife's behavior, he decided to abandon her because his evil and impulsive acts had no end.

Aja, disappointed that no one would accept her as she was, continued to search for another new victim, until she found a young Ifá priest who had been initiated into the rule very recently.

She seduced him with her charms until she got the young man to ask her to marry her. Once they were married, Aja began to do evil things.

The Ifá priest forgives the faults of Aja

On a certain occasion, she dropped a candle on her husband's Ifá board, he who had patiently endured all his bad actions decided to forgive him for this act.

This, surprised that her husband did not want to leave her, changed her behavior and began to do good deeds.

With his virtues he began to give him gold and precious stones in payment to all his tolerance.

Lastly, he wanted añagive a gift that would change their lives and from the union of both many descendants were born.

Teachings of this pataki Let's learn to value people!

This pataki born in the odun Ogbe Ogunda alerts the religious that he must have a change of behavior, because his own actions bring misfortunes to him and his family.

Through this Ifá the individual must learn to value the people around him, who despite past bad actions will always end up tolerating him and giving him their unconditional support.

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