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Why is it good to sleep with garlic under your pillow? Advice that heals

Garlic under the pillow

Insurance Have you ever heard a granny give this advice:

«Mijo, if you want to sleep better, place a clove of garlic under your pillow»

And it is that sleeping with a single clove of garlic under the pillow brings many benefits to our health.

Although it may seem strange, it is a habit that many people have decided to continue doing every night due to the relaxing effect it provides.

Putting a clove of garlic under your pillow has amazing benefits.

And it is that garlic also provides spiritual protection, its power drives away dark spirits or bad influences, and is a provider of calm.

The medicinal benefits of sleeping with garlic under your pillow:

Garlic under the pillow is peeled

Grandmothers are never wrong, and if they advise us to sleep with a clove of garlic under our pillow, it is because it also has important properties for human health.

So what is garlic good for in our bed at bedtime?

  • Prevents cold and flu and relieves cough
  • It is an antihistamine that improves the respiratory system and decongests the airways.
  • It is rich in zinc. That is why it improves the quality of sleep and causes a calming effect.
  • As it stimulates sleep and helps to rest, it contributes to a good physical condition of our body to undertake tasks during the day.
  • The vitamin B present enhances blood circulation preventing blood clots.
  • Eliminates toxins and purifies the liver. The vitamins A, B and C it contains enhance liver functions.
  • Has antioxidant properties

And is that the regular consumption of garlic also prevents certain cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, it has anti-tumor and anti-bacterial effects. Experts recommend consuming garlic regularly, for its excellent medicinal and healing properties.

Does the garlic under the pillow peel?

This is a very common question once you decide to place this element in your habitation, then do we have to peel the garlic to put it under the pillow? With shell or without shell?

Yes, its benefits are greater if we peel it.

This is because garlic contains allicin, a sulfur compound that intensifies when we remove the peel. From that same element come its health benefits.

  • Let's keep something in mind, it must be fresh garlic.

El Garlic and its spiritual properties that give us protection when we sleep

Because of its flavor and health benefits, garlic is one of the most used ingredients in cooking, but garlic is also popular in the world of esotericism, mainly in protection rituals, as it is said to drive away negative energies. and evil spirits.

Not for nothing has garlic become famous as a repellent against dark spirits and malevolent creatures.

Many are those who indicate that sleeping with garlic under the pillow:

  • It is an excellent protection to counteract negative energies and allows us to better sleep.
  • It serves to attract prosperity and good vibes to the home.
  • Help a fruitful job search.
  • If we put the garlic under the pillow we will be making the good energy flow towards us.

Some powerful cleanses that we can do to eliminate bad energies:

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