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Garlic for protection

Garlic spiritual meaning

El it it has been seen since ancient times as a defense against demons. Myths and legends associate it as a symbol of purification and light in the face of darkness.

One of the best known legends of the magical powers of the it is that they suppose that it kept away vampires and dark beings if it was used as a protective amulet.

Today, we also know that the it It has culinary and healing properties and also spiritual protective powers, as it is a protector against negative energies such as the evil eye.

Uses and spiritual meaning of garlic in Cuba

From ancient times to the present day, the it It is considered a protector and an amulet to counteract any negative energy, and in Cuba, a country with so many beliefs, superstitions and traditions, garlic also plays a leading role.

It can be used so that money is never missing, making a braid with a red ribbon and various garlic cloves and placing it behind the door as a barrier against scarcity.

It is also used to fall asleep by warding off bad spirits, if a garlic clove under the pillow.

Among its properties is also that of attracting all good luck and abundance, combining it with red cloth and bay leaves.

And it is that garlic helps us spiritually in many of the rituals in which we use it, because it is an element with indecipherable powers.

Whether we use it against bad eyes, envy, evil, dark spirits, or bad vibes that constantly haunt us.

What are the useful for rituals with garlic?

Among the rituals with it most carried out are those destined to:

  • Release envy, evil eyes, witchcraft, sorcery from enemies, diseases and misery.
  • Personal protection.
  • Favor love reconciliations.
  • Counter spells and curses
  • Make a protection charm.

Tell us if you know of other uses or spiritual meaning of garlic, a powerful element that to this day continues to provide us with many benefits to activate good energies and protect ourselves.

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