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Alamo, the plant that calms the great Orisha Shango

Poplar spiritual meaning

The Alamo it has always been considered as a magical plant, with immense powers to communicate the spiritual world with the earthly one and it is even a mythological element, belonging to numerous legends.

In Greek mythology, for example, it is said that the God of the underworld, Hades, was in love with Leuca and that he created the white poplar for her, a plant found on the Elysian Fields, where the dead souls were. Hence the tradition of sowing it in cemeteries.

The Poplar is a large, round-shaped, fast-growing tree that can reach up to 30 meters in height, with a thick trunk, long secondary roots, and a smooth, whitish bark that darkens at the base.

It comes from Europe, Asia, America and North Africa, but can be found almost anywhere in the world.

Poplar, healing properties

Poplar is a plant with numerous medicinal properties that is included in the treatment of frequent ailments. Among its many curative uses we can find:

  • For the treatment and disinfection of wounds
  • analgesic
  • anti-inflammatory
  • improves circulation
  • it is included in the treatment of rheumatic pain
  • it is an excellent diuretic
  • helps eliminate retained fluids in the joints
  • used in the treatment of kidney infections

Also numerous poplars are planted on the edges of fields, avenues, roads, etc. to decorate the places and also to serve as walls for strong winds or to avoid the uprisings of dust from roads, for which they fulfill an important social function.

Poplar spiritual meaning

As we explained, the poplar is also a source of legends and a garnish of ancient sorcery, which is why it is used in many religions. Its leaves, bark and roots are powerful talismans against negative energies.

That is why the Afro-Cuban religion also venerates the plant as one of the most important consecrated to the god of thunder, the great Shango.

The poplar in the Afro-Cuban religion

The tree is used to prepare the omiero (spiritual herbal water) of the seat or initiation ceremony that is used to consecrate and wash the attributes of the Orisha.

Similarly, in the Rule of Osha (Santeria) the poplar is used to calm Shango when the saint is enraged. For this reason, his children and devotees include him in spiritual baths to communicate with the deity and to ward off bad energies from the environment.

People say that: “The first time the drums were played for this saint, it was in the shade of the poplar. It is the mantle of Chango "Therefore, at the foot of the poplar tree, the usual offerings are brought to the Orisha, tied with red ribbons as a symbol of protection, to ask for the blessing of this great deity.

Also the poplar in washing and cleaning spaces can ward off bad spirits from the house, used in different ways: in powder, dry and sifted, always in a sacred way to achieve positive results.

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