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Basil, Aloe Vera and Almond: Sacred Herbs of the Yoruba Pantheon

Aloe Basil and Almond

Basil, Aloe Vera and Almond They are three very powerful herbs in terms of their esoteric qualities.

These are often used in various consecration rituals within the Osha, in which they assume leading roles, often becoming indispensable in the development of the rites that are developed in order to invoke the african deities and protective spirits.

3 Magical herbs with energetic powers

Each of these magical herbs individually has a certain energy charge, which they transmit through their utilities to the religious who comes to their aid in order to get rid of osogbos and find improvements for himself and his family.

Basil, a fresh herb that promotes development.

Basil spiritual meaning
Ocimum basilicum popularly called basil or alh√°bega

Basil It is a fresh herb that brings peace and positive vibes to the home.

This plant is a key piece in the realization of esoteric rituals where the devotee wishes to communicate with the spirits, who are attracted from the astral dimension with only the aroma that the Basil gives off.

This sacred Ewe is often used in spiritual cleansing ceremonies and ritual cleansings where it is often associated with eau de cologne and cascarilla, elements that enhance its power, in its execution these are accompanieda√Īan of the pronunciation of chants and prayers chosen by the medium.

Aloe Vera: plant capable of eliminating bad vibes.

Aloe vera spiritual meaning
Aloe vera, called aloe vera, acíbar, or Barbados aloe

Aloe Vera Also known under the name of Aloe Vera, it is a very popular plant due to its infinite arsenal of properties, among which its medicinal, cosmetic and magical-religious virtues stand out.

It is believed that when this plant is planted in the gardens and grows to become leafy, times of prosperity are augured for that family.

On the contrary, if the Aloe Vera withers, this action translates as the herb absorbing the negative energies that plagued the home. 

Aloe Vera is used in ritual cleansing and also in purification baths in which only its crystal is used, the name by which the state in which the plant remains once it is peeled is known.

The Almond: Sacred Ewe of the Orisha Obatala.

Almond spiritual meaning
Almond tree leaves

The almond It is one of the foundational herbs of the Orisha Obatala.

This is used as an essential ingredient in the elaboration of holy omieros, which are used in the consecrations of the Osha.

The Almond has magical properties related to astral purification.

The baths made with the essence of this herb are recommended for people who are exposed during their work to large crowds of people, a fact that makes them prone to be more influenced by negative energies.

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