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Basil ≫ Sacred herb that refreshes and strips Negative Energies

Santeria basil

Basil It is the herb used par excellence in the sessions of spiritualism, for its effective ability to influence the call of beings from beyond and summon them to come down to earth to perform charitable and merciful works.

It has medicinal properties which are identified with the relief of stomach ailments, it should be noted that the infusion of its leaves acts by offering analgesia.

It is a plant that can grow wild or be planted in pots and gardens, it is recommended to all religious to have it in their home because it is a collecting and sacred plant.

The virtues of Basil in Santeria and in the Rule of Palo Mayombe.

Basil Plant
Basil Plant

This Ewe (herb) is related in the Santeria rule with Obatala, righteous deity and protector of all heads, direct and consensual son of Olodumare.

This Orisha is the one on whom the Supreme relied to create the universe and give life to the earth.

His wisdom was an inexhaustible source of love for the man whom he decided to protect from all evil, through the basil Obatala brings peace to homes.

Tremble Earth works the spirits with basil

In the Rule of Palo Mayombe Basil is linked to Earth Trembling, the omnipotence guardian of human intelligence and thought.

This Mayombera deity uses basil to work with the spirits to whom he entrusts the fulfillment of his orders and the timely delivery of his messages.

The properties of Basil within Osha.

Basil It is used in sanctiguaciones, with this polishing baths and ritual cleanings are carried out to refresh the house and ward off negative influences.

These are accompaniedañan the use of other magical ingredients such as tobacco smoke, cascarilla and eau de cologne.

With this plant good luck is attracted, it absorbs bad energies so it is considered a purifying herb, it is useful for collecting as long as it is accompanied by other strong herbs.

Basil is an effective antidote against the evil eye.

Basil segments They are used to make offal as this is an effective antidote against the evil eye, especially in newborns and young children.

These rituals are accompaniedañan the reading of the Prayer of San Luis Beltran, which must be developed between three people.

The ideal day of the week to carry out spoils is Friday, as it is the day designated to pay for sins.

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