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Camphor to ward off disease ≫ Herb with Ashé de Orishas

Camphor uses

In China, camphor is revered and considered the "tree of Life" because it is said that it can withstand the harshest conditions.

Its beautiful wood is used for the manufacture of furniture and due to the excellent medicinal properties of the oil that is extracted from it, it is the well-known camphor oil.

Camphor It is a tree with multiple uses, which can reach up to 12 meters in height and has opposite leaves, ovate, petiolate and ending in a point, very aromatic, as well as tiny flowers, green or yellow, grouped at the tips of the leaves.

It is native to Taiwan, China, and Japan, but is currently grown in hot regions around the world.

Its leaves are used for a myriad of purposes including medicine and religion. Its oil is very useful for the perfumery and cosmetics industry. In addition to its ornamental role in gardens, it is a repellent for moths and other insects.

Medicinal properties of camphor

The essential oil of the plant is possessed of great powers, it can be used in antineuralgic and antirheumatic pharmaceutical preparations, and it is also considered antiseptic.

The use of this product extracted from the camphor tree dates back to ancient times.

Other recognized medicinal properties of camphor are:

  • Antipruritic (anti-itch)
  • Balm for applications on inflamed areas
  • As an anesthetic to relieve symptoms of bumps and sprains

It is used in the form of liniments, alcohol-based lotions, gels and ointments, usually to relieve joint and muscle pain.

In addition, there are several medications that contain small doses of camphor for its expectorant properties.

Camphor, uses in the Yoruba religion

Camphor is also one of the sacred trees of the Yoruba religion, as it is used in multiple ways, especially its prominence to cleanse negative energies.

The herb is used for spiritual and energetic cleansing, to take baths and communicate with the Orishas and to clean the house of bad vibrations that may be in the environment.

Shango and Eleguá toast their Ashé in this herb

Is this the plant of Monkey the king of thunder and also of Eleggua the owner of the roads, both mighty warrior Orishas. If you do ebbó (cleaning) with camphor, you can avoid diseases that have been predicted in the consultations.

En the Santeria It is considered protective and repellent of evil, camphor has the property of warding off disease, which is why many devotees of the Regla de Ocha carry a piece of the plant in the form of an amulet when they visit hospitals or vulnerable places where habitan negative energies.

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