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How to defeat and ward off Enemies with Eleguá? ≫ Ritual against evil

Drive away enemies with Eleguá

Although we do not look for it, on our way there appear people who, due to evil, envy, jealousy or some personal problem, become an obstacle in our lives and generate so much negative energy that we cannot be calm.

Sometimes we know these people, but other times they are invisible to our eyes but not to our intuition. This means that someone can have their eyes on us without even knowing it, but we do perceive it as a negative vibe.

This I work on behalf of Eleguá for the enemies It is not to harm any person, but to remove from our lives those negative energies that block our paths and disturb our peace.

Drive away enemies with Eleguá

Drive away enemies with Eleguá with an egg

Eleggua He is the one who takes care of us and accompanies usaña every day, the warrior boy owner of paths and crossroads, always vigilant at our steps and guiding us, in his name we will do this ritual.

It is a very simple work and if you put faith I know that you will stir up everything that anguishes you.

Ingredients you need:

  • 1 egg
  • 1 candle
  • Corojo butter
  • Graphite pencil
  • Smoked fish
  • Smoked jutia
  • Tobacco
  • Schnapps
  • 1 can
  • Alcohol to burn
  • Match
  • 3 cents
  • Cascarilla to prepare the bath water.

How to prepare the work with Eleguá for the enemies?

In case of not having Elegguá you can also do it in his name, everything that is done with faith and love is granted. In this case, the egg will be in a corner of the house, but near the entrance of your front door. 

  1. You take the egg and wash it with water so that everything negative comes off it and you dry it.  
  2. Light the candle to Elegguá, ask for his blessing and begin to work in front of him, at the same time you will say out loud each ingredient that you use, because the little Orisha likes to be spoken to.
  3. Spread corojo butter with both hands on the egg and then write on it 3 times with graphite pencil: "Against all enemies".
  4. Then you put the egg in the Elegguá casserole or in a small plate next to it.
  5. On top of the egg you put smoked fish, smoked hutía, tobacco smoke and blow brandy.
  6. Now make your order to Elegguá:

Your Eleggua blessing every day
Deliver me from all enemies
Of any person who wants to hurt me
Free me from trouble and make way for me
Thank you Baba Eleggua

You can also invoke it with the following prayer: Prayer to Eleguá to open paths and ask for protection Click Here

You will have this work on for 3 consecutive days, lighting that candle every day for a while, at which point I recommend sitting next to it to meditate and talk with the Orisha.

Completed the work to Eleguá, what should I do?

After three days you will do the following outside your house in the patio, or you can go to the mountain directly:

  1. You take a can and fill it with alcohol, inside you will put the egg and light it with a match.
  2. Be very careful and do not burn yourself, take the necessary precautions, always away from trees or herbs, houses or objects that can catch fire.
  3. Then let the candle burn, go to the mountains and leave the work buried.
  4. There you clean yourself with 3 cents (starting at the head and ending at the feet) and leave them in that place, that is the right to Elegguá.
  5. Then you come home and take a bath with cascarilla and brandy, this ritual will cleanse you of all evil, disease and obstacles.

I hope with all my heart that Eleguá opens the roads for you, gives you many blessings and gives you, above all, a lot of health.

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