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The Cotton ≫ Sacred Ewe of Obatalá, Holy owner of all heads

Cotton in Santeria

The Cotton Plant It is native to the tropics, although today its cultivation has spread throughout the world.

His scientific name is Gossypium barbadense I. in the Lucumí language it is identified with the words orú and oro, while the Congolese called it Ndúambo.

Cotton is one of the most important herbs used in consecration rituals for saints, this plant belongs to the Orisha Obatala, holy owner of all heads.

It is also associated with the Orishas Osun, Ori, Oshanlá and Oggán, with this herb the omieros de la Osha are made, which are magical preparations that are used in ritual baths and purification cleansings.

Do you know the utilities of Cotton in Santeria?

Obatala cotton

Cotton is considered an essential ingredient in many Yoruba ceremonies, among which the famous head prayer stands out, a rite that is performed in order to refresh the lerí (head) of the religious, providing health, seat and long life.

Cotton motes are used as a covering element for some ceremonies, in the same way that they provide shelter to the white Orishas inside their tureens.

Many religious houses after spreading cocoa butter to Oque, cover him with cotton, providing warmth and protection.

With the cotton ebbos are performed, cleansing ceremonies that are practiced with the aim of cleansing the aura and destiny, removing misfortune and osogbos from the path of the religious.

How to prepare an omiero with the sacred Ewe of the Orisha Obatala?

The santero takes the leaves of the cotton plant and immerses them in a container with water in order to make an omiero.

This one is añade cascarilla and cocoa butter.

Once all the ingredients have been properly integrated with the help of a strainer, the preparation is filtered, which can later be used in cleaning to refresh the home and in ritual baths, where the liquid must be administered respecting the scalp applied to the face and from the neck down to the rest of the body.

Recollection ceremony at home with cotton segments and cascarilla.

To refresh the home, attract good fortune and eradicate negative energies, the religious man makes a duster with cotton segments, which he ties with a red ribbon.

On the herbs spread cascarilla and he cleans the house as if sweeping the corners at the same time that he begs Obatalá to pour all the blessings of the world on the house.  

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