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How to feed our spiritual being? Food and spirituality

Food and spirituality

Feeling good physically, but also emotionally and even something else, spiritually, encompasses numerous forms of care that we must lavish on our body, the temple that welcomes our soul.

We must always keep in mind that we are much more than a physical body, we are emotions, thoughts and spirit or essence.

Therefore, we must relate physical, emotional and spiritual care as a whole and bear in mind the many ways of caring for our body, connecting all the edges of the body.

And one of the aspects whose problems can affect the whole that we are, is food.

There is a very powerful link between food and spirituality, because we are also what we eat, our body is a temple and we must take care of it, respect it.

Healthy eating, like spirituality, represent needs associated with the evolutionary context of the human being.

What is the relationship between Spirituality and Good Food?

Not only does our body need to be nourished, but also the mind and spirit need to be nourished in order to grow and advance spiritually.

Mind, body and spirit they are intimately connected and an individual must feed all aspects of being to feel whole.

If we only feed the body, we will never be satisfied.

Remember that spirituality includes our deepest connection with our beliefs, but also with our own body.

We eat with the intention of filling that sensation of existential emptiness, for the pleasant sensation that the state of satisfaction produces. But we must also nurture existential hunger.

How many times have we not heard that when we do not feed ourselves properly, the ideas are not clear?

All this tells us how our spirit connects with a correct diet. 

Spirituality offers us ways to cope with that feeling of emptiness that is so often associated with food and makes us neglect our bodies.

How to feed our spirituality? Let's use methods like:

  • Meditation and introspection to get to know us
  • Walks in nature, to connect with our essence
  • Physical exercises to activate our body and mind
  • Prayers to the deities we worship connect us with the power of faith
  • Walk and enjoy the little things in life

These ways of getting closer to our spirit and growing help us to find inner peace, to accept who we are and to increase faith, trust, gratitude, acceptance, non-judgment, connection with our values.

Thus we avoid the immense consumption of junk food that has become the pandemic of today's society and that can lead to the development of diseases.

Eating all the time, as well as outrageous shopping and showing off, are the wrong nutrition paths, ways to fill an internal void.

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