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How to make an Altar for Obatala in his day?

Altar of Obatala

In Cuba, religion is a wide mixture of beliefs originating from syncretism and the transculturation of the saints of the Catholic religion and those of the Yoruba religion and other African religious expressions, which merge into the same cult that has been sheltered by the faith. of many, many devotees.

Today, both Catholic and African deities are worshiped in churches, home altars and in every representation of nature.

And so the altars as a sign of worship and devotion in the Yoruba religion, always with defining characteristics associated with the qualities of the deities.

Altar for Obatalá and Las Mercedes this September 24

A obbatala, father of the world, syncretized in the Catholic religion with the Virgen de las Mercedes, he is venerated on altars this September 24 to celebrate his day.

These displays of devotion are always carried out following basic rules, related to the characteristics of the deity, but always with humility and thanking us for the blessings and the joys of life.

El altar for ObbataláIts fundamental characteristic is white, which is its representative color, in addition to the cleanliness that must prevail in order to please the Orisha father of purity and life and the silver gadgets, his metal.

We must bear in mind that, to make up the altar, white will always be Obatala's favorite color, because it symbolizes purity, justice, the purest and most noble of religion. 

He does not accept anything dark, nor does he like that there is anything dark near him.

Offerings at the foot of the altar:

At the foot of altar for Obatala, which can be from the simplest to the most ostentatious, we celebrate the wise father on his day, putting candles, flowers and offerings of all kinds.

The saint is arranged and decorated according to his characteristics, with food, drink, candles, omiero (spiritual water), sculptures and many other elements destined to commemorate the date.

Obbatalá likes prayers before his altar in gratitude for his blessings, so we can put a representation of him, such as a picture, photo or sculpture and always thank him for interceding for us.

You must choose a clean and organized place, there we can offer to Obatalá in his altar:

  • White gladiolus that symbolizes strength of character, fidelity and honor, in addition to the purity of the white color itself. The gladiolus flower also means, I remember.
  • You can also place the flowers, attributes and elements that you want, always from the heart.
  • Light white candles to pray in gratitude.
  • White and sweet foods that can be easy to cook like rice pudding and meringue.
  • Invoke the father of all with a simple Prayer: Click here

Attributes of the orisha Obatalá:

Attributes that represent the deity can also be placed, in the form of an offering.

If the person has received Obatalá, the white cloth available for the altar includes his tureen, which contains the attributes of the Orisha such as:

  • a half moon,
  • a sun,
  • a paoyé (a little hand with a silver stick),
  • cotton,
  • silver handle,
  • igbin (snails),
  • two ivory eggs,
  • white mother-of-pearl or onyx,
  • Iruke (horsetail) white,
  • majá,
  • Sun,
  • chain,
  • metal pigeons and
  • an agogó or silver bell.

Remember that any show of love, faith and respect will be received by the wise father, the important thing is to offer gratitude and devotion.

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