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Palo Amansaguapo, a plant with powers to appease

Amansa handsome plant

El tame handsome It is a very common shrub in Cuba, mainly in the eastern provinces, Camagüey and Havana. It is a plant widely used for its medicinal properties and for its spirituality within Cuban religious expressions.

It is said that the Palo Amansa handsome It is one of the main elements used by indigenous tribes that still persist in many Latin American countries, for their remedies and magic spells.

It is a seedling with pubescent twigs, with rounded and ovate leaves and male flowers of approximately 1.5 millimeters, plus other larger female ones.

El amansaguapo or Hippocratea volubilis L, as is its scientific name, is used in many houses for aromatic purposes.

But as its name indicates, in Cuba, its main power lies in calming and bringing peace in the worst conflicts through works and rituals. It generally serves to appease, soften, reconcile and dominate.  

Medicinal purposes of the handsome amansa

El tame handsome It is a plant with excellent medicinal purposes, as it is used macerated in alcohol, for friction in muscular and rheumatic pain.

It is also one of the plants that helps relieve stress and anxiety and can eliminate muscle pain after hard work.

Amansaguapo in religious expressions Cuban

El amansaguapo stick It is not only used in the practices of the Rule of Osha (Santeria), but the Rule of Palo Monte also includes it as one of the main spiritual ingredients as reinforcement and burden to calm the spirits when there are problems, for conciliations and to solve conflicts in general.

In the Regla de Ocha, it is the representative plant of the Orishas Oggun, owner of the mountain and Shango, King of thunder and also helps to calm irritated people, to solve arguments and is an essential element for love spells that seek the reconciliation of the couple.

He also called amansaguapo stick of the Schaefferia frutescens Jacq species is different and has its place in the santero cult, dedicated to the Orisha Yemayá, the Goddess of the seas.

Spiritual benefits of the handsome amansa:

  • This plant is very powerful and therefore it is used for spiritual purposes, for reconciliations and to calm and dominate situations,
  • It has the power to tame, bring peace and balance to problems, be they family, love, friendships or professional relationships.
  • they can be used in spiritual baths to cleanse and purify us,
  • in works and rituals it allows us to communicate with the Orishas and let them know our concerns,
  • grated as powder or burned are used for incense and ritual ingredients to ward off bad energies, but above all to bring peace.

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