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Why should you never make a Love Mooring? What you should know

Love Mooring

It is popularly named love tie to that sorcery that is performed in order to induce decisions and feelings about the person who is the object of the ritual.

With this work, the affected person will begin to notice certain changes in their thinking that will lead them to assume certain behaviors contrary to what they initially wanted, thus forcing situations beyond the will of the person.

People who by chance of fate have been victims of rejection, heartbreak and couple fights as a desperate sign of insecurity and as the last hope to tie a love that has already died or that has simply changed. .

Even going so far as not to be satisfactory for any of those involved, although one of the parties is evidently reluctant to let it go.

Are love ties beneficial or harmful?

The dangers of love ties

The man believes that the moorings of love will not hurt him if there are feelings towards the person he wants to retain, ignoring that perhaps that being is not the one destined to accompany him.añato watch him in his wanderings through earthly destiny.

This fact will unconsciously separate him more and more from his soul mate, because as is well known, everything has its time and all the people who in one way or another come into our lives do so in order to fulfill a certain mission and once that it has been executed must continue on their way.

So venturing to retain someone through a long-term love tie will be detrimental to both of you.

Do you know the differences between ritual and love tie?

I must make it clear that rituals to attract love and love ties are totally opposite ceremonies.

The first focuses its objectives on attracting the love they are looking for to the person, acting magic in this case as a great mirror since only what spiritually is willing to offer to their other half will come into the life of that person.

While the love tie is a ceremony that is performed against the will of the other person.

¡The dangers that come with a love tie!

Love ties can be quite dangerous to some extent for while some are momentary others will last forever.

The funny thing is that when the person requests the realization of a love tie, they never think about the consequences that could bring about being magically tied for life to another person, a fact that could stain your astrality and consequently that of the bewitched, distorting both Destinations.

It should be taken into account that in the case of moorings that are made for a short time, once the deadline has been met, they will be without effect and everything will be as before.

If the other person wanted to separate, he will do so while the other individual will have deluded himself in a false love that was induced by magic, a fact that will hurt him emotionally.

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