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The avarice breaks the bag! Ogbe Oche lost everything for his ambitious wife

Ambition in Ogbe Oche

A babalawo ruled by the odun Ogbe Oche lived very backward, going through many deficiencies so he went to the house of orunmila so that he would consult it and with the help of Ifá try to change his luck.

The great soothsayer marked him the realization of an ebbó which he was able to carry out with many sacrifices.

Pataki where you return to poverty out of greed

On the way back home he saw a herd of Deer that ran freely through the forest, he followed them until he reached a ravine where he appreciated how the deer pronounced a prayer and little by little they were thrown into the void and disappeared without a trace .

Suddenly Ogbe Oche felt the voice of Eleggua who exhorted him to say the same prayer as the deer and to jump down the same ravine.

The oluo who had a lot of faith in Elegguá took his word for it and did so.

After throwing himself, he fell on a mound of precious stones and gold coins, when he appreciated the panorama that surrounded him, he realized that he was in a magical plane where treasures abounded.

Amazed by so much abundance, he began to take everything he could, back home he shared his small fortune with his wife.

The babalawo changes his luck thanks to the Ebbó and the advice of Eleguá

She was surprised and began to question him, because she wanted to know where her spouse had obtained the gold and precious stones.

He remained silent and went to sleep, atañaThe next day the woman hid in the backpack and secretly accompanied him to the ravine.

Once there, she paid attention to each of her husband's movements, when he jumped into the void the woman came out of the backpack and approached scared to see if something had happened to her husband.

The miser's eye is never satisfied!

Some time later, while she was waiting hidden in the bushes, she saw her husband come out carrying many gold coins.

Then she waited for him to leave and tried to imitate his steps, managing to enter the plane where riches abounded.

Suddenly, when she was collecting the emeralds, the deer arrived and took her prisoner.

As the days passed, her husband began to wonder about her whereabouts and went looking for her.

In the middle of the road he met the deer who informed him that they had retained his wife for being greedy.

  • Ogbe Che begged not to kill his wife, being forced to return all the riches he had obtained.

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