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Amelia La Milagrosa: the most visited pantheon of the Colón Necropolis

Amelia the Miraculous

The Cristóbal Colón Necropolis treasures among its sculptures, tombstones and funeral parlors a rich history that reflects the oldest traditions of Cuba. This cemetery has silently observed the creation of multiple legends and devotions that attest to the religiosity of the Cuban people through their convictions.

Their graves today house an entourage of relatives and believers who come to them in search of solutions to their problems, beginning to worship as saints many of the mortal remains and spiritual energy found in them.

Among the crowd stands out one of the most famous tombs in Cuba, the remains that lie there belonged to a woman who in the sight of many could have gone unnoticed, but her mother's spirit did not make it possible for such a crime to be committed and pass from this shape your history into oblivion.

Who was the Miraculous? The History

We are talking then about Amelia Goyri de la Hoz: La Milagrosa. Her story began as a result of her death when her husband went to visit her daily at the cemetery, when he arrived before the pantheon, he went around it without turning his back as the door knockers sounded in order to awaken the spirit of his wife He never turned his back on his grave because he thought it would be a very serious fault to turn his back in the face of such pure love.

Amelia and her husband José Vicente Adot were married on the same day as the future wife's sister, some sources disagree on the degree of consanguinity that Amelia maintained with the second girlfriend because they affirm that it was her cousin who married the same day as this , a fact that was considered unlucky at the time.

Some time later Amelia became pregnant, bibliographic sources affirm that the obstetrician who attended the young woman during the pregnancy was the famous doctor Eusebio Hernández, who diagnosed her with what would be considered today as Gestational Arterial Hypertension.

By chance of fate, this pregnancy did not have a happy outcome since the pregnant woman and her offspring died some time after starting labor.

Amelia's Miracle

The popular cult reveals that Amelia "The Miraculous" was buried with her baby between her legs according to the funeral tradition for mothers who suffered this tragic event.

It is said that when the remains were exhumed, both bodies were intact and the young mother held her young son in her arms with an expression of unmistakable maternal love.

Since that day many people have come to her for help, this spirit is considered miraculous, this woman is attributed the healing of people who were in a critical health situation, mainly newborns and pregnant women.

The Veneration of the Tomb of Amelia Goyri: "The miraculous"

This myth went beyond the borders of the Antillean island, becoming so popular that people from all over the world go to the cemetery to request its help, especially to seek protection against diseases related to the gestational period.

His tomb is considered the most visited pantheon of the Colon Necropolis, on it you can see many floral offerings, newborn clothes, pañathem and even letters and poetry.

The people profess faith in him with great devotion, he is one of the figures in history most loved by Cubans who keep his legend with the most brotherly affection and respect.

Her memory remains intact among the followers of her miracles who venerate her as a saint. 

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