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Garlic and its importance within the Osha: How to prepare an Amulet?

Garlic amulet

Garlic is a very popular plant all over the worldIts use extends beyond kitchens, highlighting its medicinal properties, among which we can mention its presence in antitussive and anti-inflammatory remedies.

It should be noted that garlic is present in multiple religions where it behaves as a ritual ingredient par excellence.

This plant that is identified under the scientific name of Allium sativum comes from Latin and Celtic, translating into Spanish as the conjugation burn the cultivated.

These theological uses were precisely the first vestiges of Garlic in religion, where this ingredient was used to ward off evil spirits.

The Canary witches were the first women to use garlic in their potions in the past, an element that gradually became integrated into their spells until it occupied a key place in the development of their enchantments.

Witches are believed to have carried a clove of garlic under their left arm when flying in order to make a safe journey to their final destination in the mountains.añas.

The garlic tooth and its virtues in the Yoruba Religion.

This Ewe (plant) belongs to all the Orishas, ​​although it should be noted that the tooth is the most popular portion for Santeria.

Some religious houses hypothesize that garlic is not used to season the meals of the saints while others require it to make the foods of their deities.

The first Yoruba They used to say that there was no better amulet to fight the evil eye, than to place a clove of garlic on the head, hidden in the hair, held with a hairpin or hook.

This from its cephalic position would be in charge of repelling bad influences and negative thoughts.

Garlic is very useful in the Rule of Palo Mayombe because it gives strength to ngangas and strong garments, but there are some that do not resist it and can die if garlic is added, a secret that is well kept by those who know this religious aspect. .

A powerful Amulet with garlic for protection

Garlic amulet for protection

A very effective amulet it is to introduce inside a white bag a clove of garlic, mint, parsley and a coin.

This receipt must be carried daily by its owner so that it can fulfill its protection functions over the individual.

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