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Protective amulet against evil

Protective amulet

El Guardian angel that we all have and takes care of us, he will be summoned to make this Protective Amulet.

This talisman will protect you against anyone who loves you or has done you wrong, if you have legal, family or financial problems, in short, to avoid all the negative that may affect you, to counteract evil this amulet will always carry you with you.

Quartz will be used, which is a universal and ancient stone, considered protective, seductive of the positive, cleansing of the aura and very healing.

To make a lucky charm is very easy, they are homemade preparations that we must make ourselves, since it is a personal amulet, which serves against envy, the evil eye, spells or witchcraft, a powerful energetic protection for good luck.

Items for the Protective Amulet:

  • 1 bag of any color (except black or red)
  • Handful of rice
  • 1 small white or pink Quartz stone
  • Fresh or dried rue plant
  • 3 fresh or dried bay leaves
  • Fresh or dried basil
  • 3 or 7 silver legal tender coins
  • White plate
  • 1 white candle
  • 1 legal tender ticket (optional)

How to make a protection amulet?

  1. You will wash the quartz stone under the tap to remove negative energies.
  2. Every time you put an ingredient in your bag, you will ask for the intervention of God and his Guardian Angel.
  3. Take your bag and pour a handful of rice that is for your unwrapping and then introduce the quartz stone that repels the visible and invisible enemy, it will also deposit:
  • the rue,
  • 3 Bay leaves
  • basil,
  • Finally, he will cross himself with the coins and deposit them one by one inside the bag, also the ticket if he wishes añasay it
  1. When finished, he will put his bag, crossing himself with it on the white plate in front of the lit candle.
  1. Meditate on what you are doing, sit down and say:

I am grateful to you my Guardian Angel for having cared for and protected me. I will wear this amulet so that with your help you free me from all the hidden enemies that may be stalking me. With your blessing I always walked, walked and will walk. Thank you because all my prayers reach God through your intervention.

  1. You will let the candle burn out and then the amulet will be prepared and blessed for you to have with you.

The amulet will always carry it close to your body, thus protecting it from evils and unfavorable situations.

Remember: for any spiritual work put your heart and faith together and you will accomplish your task.

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