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The Yemayá Blessing reaches man through Indigo ≫ 4 Works

Indigo Yemayá

La Orisha Yemaya is a major deity of the Yoruba Pantheon.

She is a saint respected and loved by the devotees who profess blind faith in her, she is represented with the ocean, the natural environment through which she manifests herself.

Among its powers are the gift of divination, healing and the unfolding of the human being. She is protective of her children, this saint considers herself the mother of the world.

Yemaya lies embracing the earth, an inseparable element of water, there are many jobs that are done with the consent of this Orisha to obtain prosperity and other goods.

But none is as effective as the one that uses indigo, an element that should not be lacking in the home of any religious.

4 powerful works with Indigo de Yemayá:

What is indigo
Indigo: Blue dye

The Indigo It is sold in powdered or compact religious supply stores.

Its unmistakable blue color makes you think just by observing it with the naked eye in the sea and in all the infinity that the color blue represents.

This tone is very powerful as it symbolizes:

  • cold,
  • serenity and
  • the wisdom.

1. Rinse with Indigo to refresh the house

In order to refresh the house and eliminate negative energy and sorcery, a mixture of indigo and water is prepared in a basin.

Once it is well dissolved, it begins to spread on the floor of the house invoking the Orisha Yemayá, begging her to:

Free the residents of the home from misfortunes and witchcraft that could penetrate the home.

2. Indigo and white flowers for immediate good luck

If the religious wishes to attract good fortune to his home, he must prepare a mixture of water, indigo, and white flower petals.

Once the preparation is ready, it is spread in the same way throughout the house, but this time the deity of the sea is asked to bring good fortune and happiness home.

3. Indigo basin and sea sponge to prevent osogbos from entering the house

To stop any curse that may want to break into the home, Yemayá indicates that a small basin containing water dyed with indigo should be placed next to the entrance.

A piece of marine sponge is introduced to this, which will be in charge of absorbing the curse.

The effectiveness of this work consists in not allowing the basin to remain dry.

4. Ritual with indigo and ingredients necessary to find true love

The holy soothsayer recommends making an offering containing indigo, water, red rose petals and sunflowers without the stems.

Only the flowers will be used in this ritual, only seven small sunflowers will be needed.

This preparation will be placed in a basin that will later be placed at the foot of the deity's receptacle.

The devotee on his knees will deposit the offering in the planned place, light two candles for the saint and invoke her through the sound of his maraca.

This will be the propitious moment to ask for his help in the need that is required.

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