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Indigo: element of cleansing and purification What is it and what is it for?

What is indigo and what is it for?

Indigo is an element widely used in religious works and works, its spiritual power is very special in energy matters, it helps us to communicate with our spiritual guides, so sometimes in some houses you usually see containers with indigo and inside shells and sponges from sea.

So ... what is indigo and what is it for? Find out in this post.

What is indigo?

What is indigo

Indigo is a dark blue or purple vegetable coloring dye or paste that is extracted from the stems and leaves of the shrub that popularly receives the same name, although indigo is generally obtained from different plants.  

Indigo and its spiritual uses in Santeria

The owners of this plant within the Afro-Cuban religion are Oshun y Yemaya, powerful deities that with the strength and power of their plants help us to purify and cleanse our destiny.

This element with a great spiritual meaning helps us to drive away all kinds of dark energy, which annoys and worries us, keeping bad spirits away from us that bring bad vibrations.

Indigo tends to organize and establish an order where it is used because it eliminates currents that may be causing disturbances.

Purifying house cleaning with indigo water

All you need is water, indigo, and a candle to light it when you clean and invoke.

Remember that before cleaning at home with indigo water or other prepared waters, you must first clean the spaces with plain water.

  • In the water you must pour drops in quantities of odd numbers, starting with 7 which is the mark of our mother Yemayá, owner of the seas and the color blue.
  • This prepared water can be used by cleaning the corners of the house, always starting the cleaning from the back of your house to the front.
  • With a cloth impregnated with that indigo water, you can also go through windows, doors or home furniture. I recommend using a new cloth for this work.

Also in a glass or other beautiful container, you place indigo inside and decorate it with elements of the sea, so the energies will be cleaned in your home. You can place it in a clean and clear place as an ornament.

Sometimes the most insignificant things tend to favor us without us knowing it, these works and cleanings with simple but very effective.

You can do it in any space, whether at home, office or work environment.

Spiritual benefits of indigo

  • It is an element of cleaning and energetic purification.
  • Drive away negative spirits and all kinds of dark energies.
  • Its intense blue color helps us to activate our good energies.
  • It purifies spaces, but it also cleanses our body if we use it in bathrooms.
  • It connects us with our spirituality and gives us inner peace.

I hope that the powerful indigo with the blessing of Mother Yemayá, of your Guardian Angel, of your black or conga, in the name of whom you do it and to whom you speak, will help you to cleanse and purify your path.

Always remember that faith is a very important link in every work.

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