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10 Animals much mentioned in the Yoruba Patakies and their meaning

Yoruba animals

Many are the myths about animals in yoruba religion, since they symbolize the relationships that exist between them and humans.

The Yorubas delved into the behavior of animals and as a consequence of this approach they have a lot of knowledge about them, that wisdom is shown in the different Ifá patakies when it comes to understanding their meaning.

In the Corpus of Ifá there are many metaphors of animals and they must be interpreted correctly when reading the patakies that appear in the sign of the person consulted.

In these patakies (legends) the physical characteristics, sounds, behaviors and even the gait of the animals must be taken into account.

Examples of how these animals are seen in the metaphors of Yoruba legends:

1 the pig

It is an animal that is hated for its dirtiness, but it likes it for its great fecundity.

2.The ram (sheep)

It is an animal seen as an idiot, but it is well seen for its gentleness.

3. The cat

It is an animal that is very curious and affectionate.

4. The goat

It is a very stubborn and foolish animal.

5. The dog

He is our faithful and inseparable friend, but he also has incontinence when urinating and is very promiscuous.

6. The horse

It is characterized by its strength, surely you have heard someone say to a person:

"He is noble like a horse."

Human traits are also attributed to animals such as nobility.

E.g.It may be that in the letter that appears in his pataki the horse appears and this person is characterized as noble, but at the same time strong.

7. The monkey

It is a very clever animal, but it is repudiated for its boastful and overbearing instincts.

8. The lion

He is the King of the animal kingdom, he is magnified by all and he is the one who wears the crown that resembles his ring of shiny hair around his neck

9. The deer

This animal is admired for its great beauty and speed.

10. The elephant

Represents wisdom in the Yoruba religion. Praised for his majesty and firm, confident gait, he also possesses large and valuable tusks, as well as his skin and flesh that symbolize wealth.

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