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The Golden Ox brings good omens in the Chinese Year for this 2021

Chinese year 2021

The golden ox is a sacred animal that brings good omens, this is the representation of family, work and self-effort.

When the golden ox rules, it is a favorable year for the development of agriculture and tasks related to livestock, industries, scientific-technical projects and businesses corresponding to construction will also flourish in this period.

What are people born under the command of the golden ox like?

People who were born under the rule of the golden ox are calm, kind and simple, they are capable of keeping great secrets, they are dedicated and dedicated towards their profession.

The birth of these people includes the following years:

  • 1925,
  • 1937,
  • 1949,
  • 1961,
  • 1973,
  • 1985,
  • 1997,
  • 2009 y
  • 2021.

Years that correspond to the cycles in which the golden ox has reigned according to the Chinese horoscope.

The descendants of the golden ox are very stubborn and persevering, they are human beings who will not give up easily, they enjoy the affection of many people who consider them as needed within their circle of friends.

The ox is related to nobility, robustness and health:

People born under the golden ox cycle are perfectionists by nature, a fact that even leads them to neglect their sleep and rest schedules.

They are encouraged to learn to delegate tasks, to socialize more and to dedicate more time to their personal life.

In love these people are compatible with those born under the cycles governed by the monkey and the rat.

The children of the golden ox are usually jealous, a taboo on which they must work in order to overcome it because many times jealousy does not allow them to show themselves as they truly are, thus preventing them from developing their full potential.

They are usually loving, kind, protective, and demanding. One of the great virtues they have is loyalty, a value that makes them stand out above other people.

What do the stars recommend for this 2021?

This 2021 will be a propitious year to resurface and start again, take up projects and grow spiritually and professionally.

It is a cycle destined to discover secrets and unravelañar hidden truths.

This new stage of life will require many efforts, which will be rewarded with great and unexpected fruits.

The year of the golden ox will require that you take charge of your life and lead it on the path that you consider correct, this period requires that you cut the ties that tied you to the past, preventing you from moving towards a better and more prosperous future.

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