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Pataki: Oshún is the true Apetebí of Orula, the fortune teller

Apetebi Orula

In the depths of the African jungle the Orishas lived Oshun, the queen of honey bees, Oggun the owner of iron, Kawo Sile lord of lightning and orunmila the great fortune teller.

At that time Orula was seriously ill, as the days passed his state of health worsened, the oracle, realizing that the disease did not subside, decided to consult and threw his ékuele, marking Ifá the realization of an ebbó (cleaning).  

The beautiful Oshún He felt sorry for Orunmila's situation and decided to visit him in order to find out about his health.

Upon reaching the ilé (house) of the fortune teller, the saint realized that he needed to make ebbó to save himself, but he could not collect the necessary ingredients for its preparation due to the physical state in which he was.

Oshún helps Orula to make ebbó

The blessed deity undertook the search for the materials to perform the Orula ritual in the most remote corners of the jungle.

At the end of the day she was able to collect them all and returned to the dwelling where the Oracle was anxiously waiting for her, once she received the required necessities in her hands, she did the ebbó and was secretly healed.

Shango who was married to Oshún felt jealous of the situation, but did not say anything to his wife.

to the mañaNext, the saint set out on the road to visit Orula together with Oggun who accompanied her.añaba. At that precise moment, Kawó Silé set fire to Orula's house, overflowing with revenge.

The ebbó saves Orunmila from Shango's revenge

What the king of lightning did not know was that Orunmila had registered before sunrise and, anticipating the situation, was taking refuge in the bush.

When they saw the burning hut in the distance, Oshún and Oggún ran to help the fortune-teller, when he was close to the fire, Oshún threw himself into the flames because he did not know that Orula had healed and he thought he was still dying and weak, with no possibilities to escape by himself only.

Drowned by smoke and burned by embers, she left the house when she did not find Orula inside, it was then that Oggún, who was trying to extinguish the fire from outside, spotted the Oracle in the bush.

Orula declares to Oshún, his appetite

Oshún with tears in his eyes ran to meet him, Orula who was witnessing the act from a distance decided that from that day on the saint would eat with him and would be the only deity authorized to attend him directly.

Since then Oshun accompaniedaña and always serves Orula, so much so that his presence is reflected in the yellow beads of the ildé and the necklace that Orunmila gives to his children.

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