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Let's learn to be more humble "Nobody was born being great"

Learn to be humble

Humility is a characteristic that every person must possess to walk with a firm step through life and to stay in harmony with himself and with his peers. Trust, simplicity and honesty make us better people.

Those who are humble earn the trust of their peers and the support of others. In addition, they generally have less conflict in their daily life and therefore enjoy each day of a pleasant existence.

5 Tips: Learn to be humble

When you feel that you are lacking in humility and you need to reflect on the situations in life that remind you, you can follow some of these tips to be more humble and simple:

1. People are not valued for their material goods

The qualities of a person do not have to be associated with their material assets or their social status. A person should be valued more for his personality than for his belongings. Humility is given by how we treat all those who are our equals in society.

2. Maintain equal relationships in society

Equal relationships show that we are trustworthy and sincere towards others and that we value their criteria and experiences.

We must avoid airs of superiority to live in harmony. Remember that all people deserve respectful treatment.

3. We will not always be right

It is important to acknowledge the opinions of others and know that we are not always right. Respecting other people's criteria makes us humbler, wiser, and bigger.

4. We trust each other

We should not always think suspiciously of those around us. Rather, let's give people a vote of confidence without making negative judgments of each other. Thus we will be demonstrating humility and simplicity.

5. Let's be generous

Generosity represents humility, and so we should share what we have with someone who needs it. Understanding others and their needs brings greatness and love to our hearts.

A caring person who acts generously understands that the details of life are the things that really matter.

Humility in Yoruba practice

The Yoruba religion also responds to the commandments of Ifá, which are like the rules of the Ocha-Ifá for all practitioners and believers, who must respect them to successfully follow the path of their faith.

And these commandments of Ifá are based on humility and respect for others, as they were made to maintain balance and peace in life on earth.

In fact, one of the precepts says:

- Awó must be humble

El babalawo, Santero or Santera cannot be arrogant, on the contrary, the Yoruba religion advocates the modesty and honesty of its members.

Among religious brothers they should help each other and put aside envy, competition and act with love and humility towards everything that surrounds us.

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