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Cuban Yoruba Family Tree: light and spiritual progress to the ancestors

Yoruba Family Tree

The history of the Cuban Yoruba temple It traces its origins to the arrival of Addeshina Obara Meyi, who was a slave brought to the largest of the Antilles on a ship for the trafficking and commercialization of blacks from the African continent.

Addeshina Obara Meji
  • No Remigio Herrera Adeshina

The settler who bought it using the observation of his physical condition and his teeth never imagined that with his acquisition he would plant on Cuban soil. the roots of the Osha-Ifa.

Over the years the first Babalawo had forged a religious people that years later would buy their freedom.   

Ño Carlos Addebí Ojuani Bocá was another of the Ifá priests who arrived in Cuba under the same condition as many other brothers.

This wise man won his freedom using an ékuele made with majagua and orange peel, a tool he used to make predictions to his master and a group of landowners based in Camagüey.

A bit of history of the Cuban Yoruba temple

Fate wanted Addeshina and Addebí to meet in Havana and together they consecrate Bernardo Rojas Irete Tendí in Guanabacoa, who had an Ifá brother whose identity is unknown until now.

Bernardo Rojas Irete Tendí
  • Bernardo Rojas Irete Tendí

Over the years Rojas was nourished by the knowledge of his godfather and later he took care of Addeshina until the day he left to meet Olofin.

Bernardo Rojas grew in wisdom and also in a religious people that accompanied him until the end of his days, from his board one of the largest religious houses in Cuba was born.

Brotherhoods that strengthened Yoruba religiosity in Cuba

Ogunda Ofun Taita Gaitán, a famous Oluo from Matanzas descendant of the branch of Lugery Oyekun Meyi, who was a slave brought from Nigeria, sent his godson to be disciplined under the doctrines of Ño Carlos, emerging a strong and lasting brotherhood from this union.

Ogunda Ofun Taita Gaitan
  • Ogunda Ofun Taita Gaitan

The house of Asunción Villalonga is another of the most famous religious temples on the island from which many other consecrations arose, being the first Creole to receive Orula Cornelio Vidal.

Then he was succeeded by Guillermo Castro, Alfredo Rivero, Joaquín Salazar, Ramón Febles, Panchito Febles, Miguel Febles, Facundo Sevilla Baró, Chino Poey, Felix el Negro and Andrés Bombalier.

Be the light and spiritual progress For all our ancestors and their descendants, may they continue to bless us from the kingdom of Olofin and be by our side during all the ceremonies that we perform on the earth plane before the execution of which we ask for their blessing.

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