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Prayer to the Archangel Raphael How to ask for health for a sick family member?

Archangel Raphael healing prayer

The Archangel Raphael It was baptized as the medicine of God, its most important mission is the healing of human beings and the purification of spirits.

Task that was entrusted directly to him from the hands of the Holy Father in order that balance and harmony reign on earth.

Raphael is one of the bravest Archangels, because daily he faces diseases and evil entities that are interested in the destruction of the human species, having to place his hands on those who are dying on their beds, victims of the organism's own ailments and spiritual ills.

How to invoke the Archangel Raphael with a healing prayer?

This Archangel is invoked for dissimilar reasons, but health-related issues always become the priority in his daily chores.

Through this prayer, the divine doctor is asked to intercede for the recovery of a sick relative, acting on his body, his medicines and allowing the doctors who assist him to have a clear judgment so that his diagnostic capacity is not clouded.

A simple ritual to pray to the Archangel:

How to ask Archangel Raphael for healing? Before making this prayer you must:

  • Find the person's full name.
  • Then write it on a piece of white paper and
  • place it in front of a glass of water, which you have previously placed in a high place.

I pray to the Archangel Raphael to ask for health for a sick relative

This is the powerful prayer of healing with Raphael the archangel:

God bless you holy Archangel Raphael, for you are one of the seven wonderful Archangels of the Lord who work day by day for the divine work.

Guide us on the path of healing, because through you it is only God who heals.

You who walked alongside Tobias, who guided Tobias and cured him, defeated Asmodeus by chaining him in Egypt and liberated Sara, walk by my side, guide me, teach me and reveal to me what I should do.

I ask you especially that for the wisdom that God has granted you and appealing with all my heart to divine mercy, which is born of the father, is expressed in the son and is materialized in the Holy Spirit, that you have the goodness to lift, heal, protect and free (say the name of the sick person) give him the health that he so badly needs.

Bless especially his medicines and the doctors who assist him, so that, guided by the life-giving force of the holy spirit, health may live in harmony, in this body, in this spirit and that soul of our Lord. Amen.

We share some rituals and prayers that heal us:

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