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The archangel Raguel and its meaning: I pray to the defender of justice and peace

Archangel Raguel meaning

The archangel Raguel is also known as the archangel Rasuil, and its meaning focuses on justice, since it is held as a representative of Divine justice.

We turn to him if we are mistreated or are victims of injustice, so that his light illuminates our path and helps us make the right decisions.

What is your mission before God?

Its main function is to supervise the tasks of the other angels and archangels of heaven.

The archangel Raguel, has among his missions:

  • Defend the disadvantaged and help those who feel abused.
  • He must ensure that the work is carried out in order and in harmony according to divine indications and for this reason he is known as the archangel of justice.
  • He controls the relationships between men and angels.

In the Holy Scriptures, it is said that his mission will be to execute the sentences on the day of the final judgment. For this reason also in classical iconography the archangel Raguel is represented with a hammer that symbolizes the justice of which this angel is the doer.

This archangel represents inner peace and tranquility of spirit. He is also the symbol of abundance and wealth, both material and spiritual.

What does the archangel Raguel mean?

The archangel Raguel is also called: Akrasiel, Raguil, Rasuil, Rufael, Suryan and ensures a collective work in a harmonious and orderly manner, according to the order and will of God.

  • Your name means "friend of God" or "desire of God."

Raguel is known to be the archangel of justice because he makes sure that justice is done to the people on earth.

He punishes the greatest crime in this world, which is stealing. When someone kills a person, they are robbing someone of the right to live and if someone mistreats another person, it robs them of the right to be treated properly.

Therefore, the intervention of Raguel's justice is always required to help people overcome abuses and command the respect they deserve.

The angel of justice brings order so that the world does not sink into chaos and so that people can continue to be true to their spiritual convictions.

The powers and gifts of Archangel Raguel: the protection of the just

Raguel's job is to fight injustice in this world so that the good prevails over the bad.

His deity is known as the archangel of reconciliation and harmony. He is known as the "archangel of order", for his powers to bring:

  • harmony and peace to a relationship,
  • a good atmosphere in physical spaces
  • a message of peace, reconciliation and harmony so that the believer accepts himself as he is and accept others in the same way

Raguel brings motivation to fight and also to overcome evil with good. This is how justice works, making each one solve their personal problems, without abuse or crime.

What can you ask Ragouel Archangel?

Raguel helps with all types of legal matters and careers in the legal field, to:

  • restore balance and harmony,
  • resolve conflicts or disputes between people and
  • achieve the most peaceful consequences possible.

We can invoke the archangel Raguel when we feel tired or overwhelmed by a situation or when we believe that we have been victims of injustice or have to face a legal situation.

It is prudent to request their intervention if we have conversations with a loved one, friend or colleague, to clarify misunderstandings and do justice, without getting into fights or hurtful or violent situations.

In addition, the archangel is asked for peace for the whole family and tranquility on our way, so that he always accompanies us and does not allow us to be victims of enemies, evil spirits or legal wrongs.

How to invoke the Archangel Raguel? For peace and justice

To request the help of the archangel Raguel:

  • Archangel Raguel Color: We can use a light blue candle, which is the color that represents it as the one that brings peace and justice.
  • Weekday: We can also pray to him on Fridays, which is the day of the week associated with him.

To Raguel, we tell our hardships and difficulties and we ask him to fill our path with justice, so that our future becomes pleasant.

Likewise, we pray to him to help us strengthen ties and for peace to last.

Powerful prayer to the archangel Raguel

  • Thus we pray to the archangel Raguel for peace and justice

Raguel, Angel of justice and harmony, you who bring peace to the world and intercede for the faithful so that tranquility reigns in every home

You, powerful defender of the fulfillment of God's will throughout the universe, illuminate my path with the light of justice

Help me renew my commitment to do the right thing, and to be a force for good in the world every day that God gives me.

Glorious Archangel Raguel, you who have the strength to deal with conflicts and always provide peaceful solutions, help me to do good, so that the world becomes a better place because I lived in it.

Oh kind Raguel! I ask you to bring to me the strength and purity that my soul needs.

Help me, my angel of justice, to fight evil and be a good son of God the Father.

Grant me the gift of forgiveness and help my soul to purify the damage committed in the past

O great archangel Raguel, I beg you to illuminate my path with hope and faith, and bring your ray of light to me, filling me with peace, harmony and tranquility.

Help me to know how to forgive and choose the path of honesty, so that I too can proclaim justice in this world

I invoke you, oh archangel Raguel to instruct my way from love and faith

Oh great archangel Rachel, you are love and benevolence.

I ask you from my heart and soul to help me ward off bad energies and attract peace and prosperity to my life.

I thank you, mighty angel, for helping me walk the straight path of faith, peace and justice

I pray that you will never forsake me in the midst of obstacles and difficulties. Thank you blessed archangel for granting me my wishes.

Amen, so be it.

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