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Who is Sariel, the mighty Archangel? I pray for protection and justice

Archangel Sariel meaning

Sariel is one of the 7 main archangels of the Catholic Church, also recognized by other religions.

It symbolizes the healing of the spirit and emotions of the person. It represents the strength to control anxiety and anguish and is said to be the last angel to pass away.

What other name does the archangel Sariel receive?

This archangel is also known as:

  • Suriel,
  • suriyel,
  • zerachiel,
  • Saraquel,
  • Serakiel.

What is the meaning of Sariel?

In the Hebrew culture the word Sariel wants to express God's Mandate, while for Muslims it means the angel of Death.

Sariel is mostly translated as "Commandment of God", but it is also called "Will of God" or "Law of God".

He is seen as the angel of souls, to whom we turn to pray for protection against injustice and the evils and negative energies that haunt the world.

The name Sariel in some manuscripts of the Dead Sea of ​​Qumran, expresses that it is related to divine justice and the punishment of the angels who break it.

In the Book of Enoch, this angelic entity is recounted as the delegate of defeating angels who have misconduct.

For this reason, the Archangel Sariel watches over the peace and tranquility of the world and is in charge of ensuring that injustices and infamies are not commented on the entire face of planet earth.

He must count before the divine justice of God, the errors and faults committed by man.

Powers of this miraculous Archangel

  • The archangel Sariel represents the order of God, and he is the one who is responsible for the fate of the angels who violate divine laws, that is, it is the divine punishment for disobedience.  
  • It is said that it was the Archangel Sariel, who taught man the lunar calendar and together with Michael, Raphael and Gabriel, he must look at the injustices perpetrated by humans to count them in the final judgment.
  • It is said that he has the ability to control the lives of other human beings, and therefore he is represented as a priest or a boss, who can be demanding but just when needed.
  • Sariel, is a celestial entity that enjoys the gift of healing like the Archangel Raphael and also intervenes in the battles of the Earth accompanyingañado of the Archangel Michael.

Thus, the great troops of God are also ruling as a warrior to confront Satan and his evil entities.

He is the employer of all professionals

Above all, those who are moved by unforeseen situations such as:

  • Health specialists,
  • firefighters and policemen and
  • others that have association with justice.

Stories and legends associated with the archangel Sariel, the Order of God

In the Talmud, sacred scriptures of Jewish origin, it is said that Archangel Sariel is closely related to order, cleanliness and neatness, and was the one who had the idea of ​​educating and teaching Rabbi Ishmael ben Elisha about the rules of hygiene and cleaning.

Also, and according to scholars, Sariel is the same heavenly angel known as Azrael.

It is said that when God sent his four archangels, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Azrael to get him dust to throw into the four corners of the planet earth to form Adam, only Azrael fulfilled what God had asked of them.

For this reason it is Sariel who will separate the soul or spirit from the bodies of man once they pass away.

He is also called the Angel of Death, because he went up to Mount Sinai to search for the soul of Moses and is related to the divine punishment of the wicked.

He carries with him a scroll or book in which he has transcribed the names of all those people who have violated the will of God in life, who will be judged for their actions.

Archangel Sariel always helps us with his great power

We should never think that Sariel is a negative entity, as he has the task of guiding and orienting souls to the next level or spiritual dimension.

  • Thanks to its light, people understand a little more about their relationship with spirituality.
  • He helps human beings rectify their mistakes and gives them willpower and resilience.
  • This archangel can unleash and free any soul that is unjustly thrown into the infernal abysses.
  • It is the only celestial entity that is authorized to move between heaven and hell to rescue souls.

How is Sariel represented? His attributes

Sariel is described as an angel:

  • Expressive blue eyes.
  • She has white hair that reaches her knees.
  • Their clothing is ocher or red, with long white sleeves.
  • It has six wings, which is why it is categorized as a Seraph of those who are in the highest hierarchy of the Creator's throne.
  • In his left hand he carries a particular thick staff or crook.
  • Legend has it that it has four faces to be able to see the four cardinal points of the earth, and that it has four thousand wings, and its entire body is made up of eyes and tongues.

When and how isummon Archangel Sariel to protect us from negative energy?

Sariel is known as one of the angelic entities that protects from the well-known and traditional evil eye.

For his ability to fight demons and evil spirits, Sariel is prayed for protection from all negative spiritual forces.

All of us in one way or another can be victims of curses or witchcraft, and we very often face the bad wishes of many people around us.

It is the archangel Sariel, whom we call to face all negative energy that surrounds us and wants to cause us harm.

The Archangel must also be prayed to when a human being is on his deathbed, thereby achieving peace and tranquility for his soul and protection against the forces of evil.

Powerful prayer against evil to Archangel Sariel

  • In this way we ask Archangel Sariel to protect us from all evil

I ask you Archangel Sariel, you who do the will of God and protect the faithful, to take care of me from any curse, sorcery or witchcraft that my enemies want to launch against me.

Oh mighty Sariel! You who punish the unjust and violent, and preserve peace and tranquility on Earth, serve me as a guide at all times and illuminate my path so that darkness cannot touch me

I invoke your presence, so that it is you who always protect me and protect me from any bad moment

And give account to God, mighty lord of the heavenly armies, of my actions on Earth,

Protect me, kind Archangel Sariel, from all the curses that my enemies dare to profess against me.

Do not let go of my hand and show me the best way to follow, so that dangers, difficulties and difficulties do not affect me. bad energies

I humbly cry out to you to protect and support me in every moment of my trip, so that my existence is full and happy with my loved ones

Intercede for me when the time comes to give an account to our Lord God.

I ask you Archangel Sariel, that you always protect me and protect me from any bad moment.


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