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14 Types of Incense with special aromas You must know them!

Incense scents

This spiritual and aromatic element can clean and purify the environment, as its different scents have the power to attract or reprimand energies and negative spirits that have clung to our surroundings.

Today, there are many incense scents that exist in all parts of the world, and each has a function and meaning particular to call:

  • Luck and fortune,
  • health,
  • love,
  • spiritually cleanse,
  • among other spiritual benefits.

Each incense has a specific aroma according to its preparation and this in turn has a specific function.

Did you know that many of them ignite body, environmental or spiritual energy points?

Incense as a spiritual element: types, uses and properties

Let's see some examples, there are already many:

1. Amber incense for energy:

Oshún Amber Stone

The scent of amber incense acts as a powerful aphrodisiac and is highly sought after for love spells.

This particular smell enhances physical strength and increases our energy levels when carrying out any task.

It also influences our state, giving us serenity. It is used mainly when you want to overcome obstacles in life.

2. Aloe vera incense, eliminates the bad vibes:

Aloe plant
Aloe vera plant

The aroma of aloe vera incense is highly spiritual and purifying.

Its power harmonizes the environment in homes and businesses and eliminates bad vibes, making energy flow and plans flourish.

Putting an incense of this type will help us to realize personal growth projects that we have on pause.

3. Cinnamon incense attracts luck:

Cinnamon incense
The cinnamon tree, known as cinnamon, from which its inner bark is used

The aroma of cinnamon incense clears our minds and attracts luck and material prosperity.

Cinnamon is also considered an aphrodisiac, as its smell produces an increase in energy in our body.

Putting a cinnamon incense in our workplace will attract money to our business.

It will also eliminate negativity and act as a repellent against bad vibes, bringing prosperity to our lives.

4. Carnation incense for happiness:

Meaning of incenses

Carnation incense strengthens knowledge and calls for happiness.

When we must concentrate and meditate on important matters, it is good to burn an incense with this aroma.

5. Eucalyptus incense for wisdom:

Eucalyptus incense
Eucalyptus or eucalyptus are trees of the myrtaceae family

Eucalyptus frankincense is ideal for fighting infectious diseases and ailments such as the flu or allergies.

In addition, it stimulates our mind and body and affirms ingenuity and intellectual acuity.

That is why it is good to place in our habitation a eucalyptus incense when we must study for an exam or test.

Its aroma will help us concentrate and strengthen our knowledge.

6. Jasmine incense against sadness:

Jasmine flower
Jasmine flower

The jasmine scent is purifying. Combat depression, giving us an optimistic and spirited outlook on life.

It is also said to attract good luck in all areas.

It favors mental concentration and artistic inspiration, which is why many artists place this incense when they make a work or simply to create art.  

7. Lavender incense, clean the fear:

Incense spiritual meaning

The scent of lavender fights disturbances in our spirit and frees us from fear, cleanses us, and discharges us.

This type of incense improves our economy if we use it in our work, since it removes bad vibrations.

8. Lemon incense against stress:

Oshún bath with lemon

The smell of lemon is extremely refreshing and clean.

It also stimulates our mind, cleanses it and purifies our spirit. Lemon also calms our nerves and relieves us of stress.

Lemon incense is widely used in cleaning, both in the home and in the workplace, to eliminate bad energy and bring our projects to a successful conclusion.

9. Apple incense for health:

Apples for Santa Barbara's Day

Apple incense spreads an incredibly pleasant smell around our home.

It also strengthens our health, both physically and mentally, and protects from physical pain.

10. Peppermint incense for negativity:

Rituals with mint
Peppermint Plant (Mentha piperita)

Mint incense is extremely energetic and strengthens us in the face of any challenge.

It is said that it removes inner loneliness and is a powerful cleanser. It is used to eliminate negativity in charged environments, making the air relaxed and calm.

11. Myrrh incense against dark influences:

Incense for the spirits

Myrrh incense is a powerful protector, used for years in esoteric and white magic rituals.

This aroma acts as a shield in our house and protects us from any type of harm or evil that we may receive.

You can also clean the bad vibes from both people and rooms, be it at home or at work. Likewise, it frees us from evil spirits and harmful influences.

12. Patchouli incense to attract abundance:

incense to clean the house

The scent of patchouli attracts abundance and prosperity into our lives, which is why many people opt for this type of incense that is used in rituals of economic development and personal growth.

13. Rosemary incense against curses:

Homemade rosemary incense

Rosemary incense destroys hexes and drives away the bad vibes from our home or workplace.

It is used in cleaning and for protection, both of houses and of people. It also attracts luck and fortune by channeling energy.

14. Incense of Rue, aroma that provides protection:

Ruda magic plant
Ruda Plant

Rue incense is also a spiritual purifier and protector.

It takes away the bad vibes and produces relaxation, it also strengthens our psychic powers and our mental capacity.

This aroma is useful against insomnia, promoting our restful sleep if necessary.

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