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Rice pudding, Obatalá's favorite offering

Rice Pudding Obatalá

This September 24 we celebrate obbatala, father of all the children on Earth, elder Orisha and wise old man who intercedes for us so that we can overcome the difficulties of life.

And one of the best ways we have to entertain you is by offering your favorite food. Among the best offerings for Obbatalá we find:

  • rice pudding
  • the meringue
  • the milk
  • the custard
  • Taro balls
  • Yam balls
  • Cocoa butter balls

obbatala He also likes to receive fruits such as soursop and pomegranate and among herbs or ewes he prefers coconut, white canutillo, acacia, cotton, mugwort, saffron, among others, being the white color that predominates in his food.

As for animals, those who immolate themselves must be white such as doves, guineas, chickens and white goats.

Obatalá eats a fairly bland and restricted diet, as he does not like spicy foods, and salt is a taboo for him.

We must be clear that their offerings are always white or light in color and all their sacrificial animals must also wear their color.

For the old father Obatala: Milk pudding

Rice pudding Orisha Obatalá

Now definitely Obatala He likes sweets and among them he adores the home-made and well-known rice pudding, a sweet easy to prepare and that he will always receive with joy.

We now propose the recipe for rice pudding as an offering for Obbatalá

The ingredients we need to make this dessert:

  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Sal Island
  • Rice
  • Vanilla
  • Cinnamon

How to prepare the offering to Obatala?

  1. For this rice pudding we can use a ratio of 6 cups of milk and half a cup of rice, but you can choose the amount you want.
  2. We boil the milk and añaWe give the rice, we put it on a slow fire so that it cooks well without spending the milk and we wait for it to thicken enough, usually in a time of 45 or 50 minutes.
  3. Remember to stir it constantly so that the rice does not stick in the bowl.
  4. Añagive the point of salt and sugar to your liking.
  5. Then we add the vanilla and we can sprinkle a little cinnamon on top to añasay an extra touch.
  6. Even if you decide to make only a small portion, remember to place it in a nice, clean container and make it a pleasant presentation, it is like a gift and as such we must deliver it.

Offerings made to Obatala they are representatives of purity and therefore their foods are white, such as meringue, rice, coconut, cocoa butter, white yams and eggs. Regardless of the simplicity of the offering, it must be given from the heart and in faith.

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