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5 Powerful Ways To Use Rice In Cleansing And Spiritual Charms

Rice for plenty

Since millennia, rice has been more than a food, and its use has been associated with numerous rituals of dissimilar religions to attract prosperity and abundance and also to eliminate negativity.

Rice, in addition to being part of the diet of almost all people in the world, as a tradition that spread from the East to Europe and then to America, in Asia it is venerated as a spiritual representation of protective entities of the home.

In addition to absorbing water, rice also absorbs bad energy and drives away bad spirits.

It has even become customary to throw rice at the newlyweds in order to wish them a prosperous and happy marriage and to ward off sadness and pain.

Like uuse rice as an element of abundance and a protective amulet?

Rice can be used in different ways as an excellent charm to ward off bad vibes from our path and home. For example:

1. Put a bag of rice grains in your wallet or purse

Amulet with rice
Carrying a bag of rice with us can protect us from evil

Some grains of rice together with incense and stored in a cloth bag that we can sew ourselves at home, can compose a powerful protective amulet that will banish bad energies from our side.

The bag can be made in any color, a tone that pleases us and gives us a good vibe, and if you don't know which one to choose, white is always good for this type of protection.

We put the bag in the wallet or purse, always with great faith in the power of this amulet. And let's remember that we must always carry it with us so that its protective halo surrounds us.

2. A jar of rice with coins for prosperity and abundance

Rice with coins
Mixing rice with coins gives us energy for abundance

If we feel that we are going through a bad economic streak, we can use a bowl or glass container full of rice and 7 coins from different countries distributed among the cereal grains, as a powerful work to attract abundance.

We can also use any small denomination coin that we have in the house, this element represents fortune and prosperity.

The bottle or container that we choose can be placed at the entrance of the house, office or business where we want the good vibes to be activated. This will prevent the energies from stagnating and will activate the finances of the space.

3. Rice to eliminate bad energy

Rice against bad energy

If we feel surrounded by negativity, we must fill a glass container with rice and place it in a pot or behind the door of the house to banish evil spirits and dark beings that surround us.

This will make the bad energy leave the house and that no bad spirit can enter again.

4. A bowl of rice always in the kitchen

Rice for prosperity

So that our house does not lack money or food, we must always keep a container full of rice in the kitchen, since the presence of this cereal is associated with abundance and prosperity.

Wherever we decide to place it, it will ward off the bad and attract the good.

5. Water rice and coarse salt in the house to activate good fortune

Watering rice in the house

Cleaning with rice and salt is excellent for the end of the year or the first days of the new.

Although we can also do it on any occasion that we want things to flow better.

To do this, we mix 1 kilo of rice and one kilo of salt and place the mixture in all the corners and corners of our home, and especially in the main entrance of the house near the door. We leave it for 24 or 48 hours and then sweep the house from the inside out, so that the bad leaves the home.

You can also use fewer ingredients, depending on the size of the space.

Salt and rice will take the bad energy out of the house and call for good fortune instead.

  • When we perform these rituals we can place incense in the house or candles to activate the good vibes and all the good things around us.

Powerful rituals with rice:

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