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3 Rituals and the meaning of Rice in the Rule of Santeria

Santeria rice

Rice is a cereal that has been related throughout history as an element of prosperity because it represents the abundance and sustenance of the home. Thanks to rice, man supplements his diet on a daily basis, thus guaranteeing his subsistence.

It is believed that this cereal possesses the ability to attract good fortuneSo much so that it is a tradition that rice is thrown at the bride and groom at weddings so that luck always pursues them and favors them.

In the same way, when celebrating an Indian wedding, the bride should spill a jug containing rice with her foot so that prosperity blesses the marriage union and the home permanently.

Rice as a religious element in Santeria: 3 Rituals

In the Rule of Santeria rice plays a fundamental role, one of the most popular ceremonies that exists consists of spilling a small handful of rice in some of the corners of the home in order for economic development to reach the home.

Said cereal can be used in the rituals of the Osha, both raw and cooked, an example of the aforementioned can be seen in the elaboration of ajuan de Saint Lazarus in which a sample of this raw cereal is placed.

1. Arroz congris is one of Yemayá's favorite addimus.

Rice with gray for Yemayá
Rice with grey

Yemaya She is a major Orisha of the Yoruba Pantheon, this is considered the ruling deity of the sea and the secrets that dwell in its depths.

This saint is a lover of congris, an elaboration that is carried out by cooking rice with previously softened black beans, which is seasoned with multiple spices and to which she must añatell them pork rinds so that the saint receives them with pleasure.

2. Rice, the main dish in EggĂşn's food.

Rice to serve the Eggun

Rice is present in the food of eggun where it is established as an adimĂş (offering) of foundation.

When this food is offered to the dead, the stability of the home and the presence of food are symbolized, so the spirits are asked through this plate that sustenance is never lacking in the home.

3. The Orisha Obatalá and the secret that the grain of rice keeps.

Rice pudding for the orisha Obatalá

This cereal is closely related to Obatala the saint who owns all the heads, with the same one develops many of his rituals.

Among these we can mention the lustral bath that is carried out with rice water, which is considered very useful to purify the astral field of negative energies.

Rice pudding is one of the favorite dishes of the Orisha Obatalá, without this cereal the adimú would be incomplete, the santero places this offering at the feet of the white Orisha in order to honor the saint for his greatness and as a token of gratitude before the favors obtained.

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