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What is Ashaba? Instrument that binds the Iré in a spiritual way


The Ashaba It is a metal chain that is used in the Yoruba religion for ceremonial purposes.

This is of great importance in the consecrations that take place at the foot of the holy warriors, fundamentally those that are developed directly with Oggun.

At present this instrument is manufactured based on stainless steel and it is possible to acquire it in many houses that sell religious articles, this garment lives inside the cauldron of Oggún the Orisha owner of iron.

Elements that make up the Ashaba:

It is made up of a miniature representation of all the working instruments that this saint uses, which are found hanging from the links of the chain that unites them.

Some examples of these utensils are:

  • the machetes,
  • the spears,
  • the arrows,
  • the anvils and
  • the hoes among other pieces.

The term Ashaba Is synonymous with chain, this is used in a crossed manner, crossing the human trunk diagonally from left to right.

This chain establishes a direct relationship between Oggún and the religious when this garment is irradiated with the spiritual force of the Orisha.

It is valid to note that Oggún is not the only deity of the Yoruba Pantheon who uses it to overcome difficulties, since this instrument has been related on occasions Yemaya, the mistress of the ocean in her warrior avatars.

When should Ashaba be used?

The religious uses the Ashaba when he wants to obtain an iré firmly, this can be related to:

  • a good of health,
  • confirmation of a trip,
  • to win the war against an enemy,
  • win a lawsuit,
  • get a job,
  • get stability and
  • get rid of an osogbo to name some of its usefulness.

This magical garment is also used when the person needs to settle down and acquire responsibility and critical judgment to face life and its vicissitudes in a rational way.

How is this ceremonial chain consecrated?

The Ashaba Not only does he live in Oggún's cauldron, he also feeds with the Orisha when he receives immolations.

It can be refreshed with the omiero of the owner of the iron or with the one that is made based on the ewes (herbs) of the holy warriors, in the same way that it is allowed by the Osha to be cleaned with corojo butter and blown with brandy and tobacco smoke.

These consecrations increase the spiritual energy of the Ashaba, making it more powerful and effective in carrying out its task of strengthening ireses.

When the santero needs to obtain peace, he refreshes the Ashaba with coconut water and later places it on his body.

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