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With the power of Yefá the Babalawo defeated the Mayombero ► Pataki

Ashe of Orula

The Pataki relates that a very powerful king existed in southern Namibia, said monarch had been blessed with the virtue of Olodumare of divination.

With the help of his casserole he conquered many battles and among his plans was to continue taking over kingdoms through the dark arts and the strength of his relentless army.

Pataki: The Ifá priest does Ebbó to achieve victory

The land of Ifé was his next ambition, but in that territory there was a wise man who had been consecrated through the Oracle of Ifá and precisely through the use of the board and the ékuele managed to discover the claims of the witch king.

So he gladly decided to take action to counter his attack.

The Ifá priest prepared an Ebbó for his town where he had to immolate some animals to Orunmila and other offerings including a yam.

With this tuber the Yefá de Orula was made, a powder that was prayed by all the oluos of the town who put a pinch of their Ashe in it.

The Yefá de Orumila It was distributed among the troops and all the soldiers received a touch with it.

Upon reaching the battlefield, the enemy was annihilated and in this way the people regained their freedom, leaving aside enemy oppression.

Do you know the uses of Yefá de Orula?

Cuban yam
«The Yefá powders are made with yam» Image: Fruit of the yam

Since that day the Ashé of Orula has been the element responsible for:

  • Deliver many from ruin,
  • ward off disease,
  • misfortune and
  • the osogbos.

So the godfather gives each godson a sample of it when they are initiated into the Yoruba religion with the delivery of the crown or the hand of Orula, Yefá that should only be used at specific times.

Shiny bath with powerful Orula plants:

When the religious is going through difficult times and scarcity, a lustral bath with Orumila herbs such as:

  • aceitunillo,
  • cundeamor,
  • Wonderful,
  • Hand of Saint Francis,
  • Powerful Hand and
  • Mouse Pineapple to name some of these.

With these herbs he will make an omiero (herb preparation) to which añawill say a pinch of Yefá.

Ritual cleaning at home:

This same preparation can be used to perform a ritual cleaning in the house and thus eradicate:

  • All the disturbances,
  • the envy,
  • the evil eye,
  • the illness,
  • misfortune and
  • bad vibes.

Leaving the environment free of negative energies and in harmony.

Other spiritual cleansings that we can do at home:

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