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Ashé for you! What does the word Ashé mean?

What does the word Ashé mean

¡Ashe for you! That is one of the most popular phrases in Cuba today and can come from believers and non-believers alike.

Most Cubans know that this word, linked to the African Yoruba cult, encompasses all blessings.

So everyone smiles when they hear that phrase, repeat it and appreciate it, because with it they offer good wishes related to health, prosperity and happiness in general.

The fact is that Ashe, also known as ache o I did, is a fundamental concept in yoruba religions and Afro-Cuban, like the Santería.

Ashe It does not imply only a popular expression, but it is called this way to the basic energy of the universe of which everything is constituted including the orishas. This force is in charge of maintaining balance and order.

Ashé, Yoruba balance

Ashe it is the force that must be balanced to contribute to the proper functioning of existence.

Although it has never been made clear that the ashe good or bad, but it can be balanced or unbalanced.

Its imbalance can bring ills such as illness and ruin for people, while its balance removes problematic situations from the individual's life.

For this reason, within the popular slang of Cubans it is called "ashe» to the luck that a person possesses and is desired as a blessing.

What is Ashé?

We can say what the word Ashé means:

  • A virtue granted
  • The balance of energies
  • Natural gift that Olofin gave us
  • Luck and power
  • Energy and force of nature

Myths and legends of the Ashe

Count the patakies, that he ashe It was the fundamental energy preexisting to the universe, which when it became conscious was constituted in Olodumare and then in Olofin.

Then Constitution created Obatala, the first orisha, and thus to all others related to the forces of nature, who received large amounts of ashe from Olodumare.

Today, the word ashe It is related to many rituals, spells and magical spells, but due to the great universal secret that it contains, its true meaning has never been understood with precision and precision.

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