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From the Love Story between Ashikuelu and Afokoyeri the 4 Seasons are born

Ashikuelu and Afokoyeri

During a religious ceremony ashikuelu He was invoked by the Ifá priests, which is why his presence on earth was required.

Upon his arrival on the terrestrial plane, the sun hid between the clouds, and once the problem that afflicted the children of the board and the ékuele had been solved, the deity decided to take a walk through the flower fields.

Mother nature and her daughter Afokoyeri

Pataki from Ashikuelu and Afokoyeri

During his tour he observed a woman walking among the flowers accompanied byañaHe looked after his daughter, in silence he began to approach without anyone being able to see him, noticing that as the two women passed, the grasses turned green and the plants flourished and offered their fruits to the traveler.

Then he realized that Mother Nature and her daughter Afokoyeri were in the presence of Inle Oguere.

Silently and deep in his own thoughts he descended into his kingdom thinking of the beauty of Afokoyeri who had captivated him with her sweetness.

Six long months passed, and during this time Ashikuelu spent his time devising strategies to win the heart of the noble girl.

Ashikuelu conquers the love of Afokoyeri

One day, determined to find her and take control of her heart, he ascended to earth, returning to the same field of flowers where he had observed her for the first time.

It would be surprising to think that the deity did not know that the maiden would be there, using his vast magical knowledge he began to enchant her in order to unleash the flame of passion in her, but Afokoyeri was so pure that sorcery did not harm her because this had been blessed by her mother, the spirit of nature.

Seeing that his strategies were in vain, he decided to take another path, stunned under a slope without noticing how narrow the road, in a bad step he lost his stability when he released his cane, said Orisha fell to the ground rolling down the steep terrain.

When he regained consciousness, he saw Afokoyeri, who had cared for him while he was unconscious, before his eyes and it was then that from a simple glance a first spark of love emerged between them.

The days passed and the interest grew little by little among the young people, who came to fall deeply in love without the need for spells or magic powders.

Due to Ashikuelu's continuous visits to earth, the sun would hide very often, a fact that, without knowing the reason, Inle Oguere was worried, who began to look for a solution for this phenomenon.

Ashikuelu, who knew that mother nature would oppose his union with his only descendant because these two beings were totally different, took Afokoyeri to the entrances.añas from the land where they began to live their romance, as the days passed the young woman felt the absence of her mother so she longed to return to her side.

A pact is established and thus the four seasons of the year are born

One day without Ashikuelu knowing it, his young wife ascended to earth, finding devastated and withered fields in her wake, a product of the sadness that mother earth felt for the separation from her daughter.

When mother and daughter came face to face, their hearts overflowed with joy and they knew that they should never be apart for so long again.

Enraged Ashikuelu came to earth and it was only the drawing up of a pact of coexistence that calmed the circumstances, being established then that Afokoyeri would live on earth for a few months and in the underworld for the following, thus being born the four seasons of the year.

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