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Spiritual Assists for the Eggun through the Power Centers

Spiritual assistance

It is essential to attend to Egguns (spirits) and provide them with spiritual assistance.

Spiritual assistance It is offered in different ways, one of those and that should never be absent are the power centers of the spirits, in them lie the energies of the Egguns.

What are Power Centers?

  • The glasses or cups with water where the spirits rise and their vibes are concentrated. Where the water establishes that powerful and sacred connection between both astral.

It may even be that in a single glass or cup of water one or more spirits are grouped.

To make it better understood, we sometimes dedicate a cup of water to a specific spirit, but we can also invoke a spiritual commission with a single cup.

Meaning of spiritual assistance according to its permanence and characteristics:

Spiritual vault
Spiritual Vault: A permanent spiritual Assistance

Now, spiritual assistances can be temporary, permanent and special.

Temporary spiritual assistance:

This assistance is given for a specific time, it is almost always short and when it fulfills its objective it is withdrawn.

Permanent spiritual assistance:

It is this assistance that is always maintained, even if you are not working with the Egguns. An example of this are the spiritual vaults.

Special spiritual assistance:

This assistance is of great value to me and they are also very beautiful because you get to identify more with that spirit.

They are more specific and it is when these centers of power carry within a complementary element since the spirit demands or needs it.

  • An example of this is when that cup or glass has to have a specific color, a certain stone, a jewel, in short, it is depending on what spirituality commands.

Individualized or joint spiritual entities:

You may wonder why there are spiritual entities that do not like to be individualized and it is because they choose to give their strength working together with the other entities in an anonymous way.

You must always remember that to incorporate a new spirituality into your spiritual picture, you must give an account to other beings of that new spiritual assistance, telling them that a new spirit accompanies you.añará and you will give light and assistance to that being.

And how can you know this new spirituality?

  • Through research masses, dreams, consultations.

But it is essential to always investigate about them to know who they are and see if they want to be individualized or not. In case you do not want to be apart, you must incorporate it into your permanent spiritual assistance.

May the blessing of the spirits and their dead be with you always!

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