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Attention to the spiritual vault in honor of the ancestors

Tending to the spiritual vault

The Spiritual Vault, which serves as a receptacle for the energy of our ancestors and represents a way of showing our devotion to them, can also help us face difficult situations throughout our lives.

However, we must provide adequate attention to the Spiritual Vault so that the spirits can help us on this plane.

How to attend to the spiritual vault?

1. Respect for spirits

The first thing we must bear in mind is that the physical space destined for the spiritual vault must be respected and the faults there will be considered desecration that could have serious consequences.

The place must always remain clean, that is, the white cloth placed as a tablecloth must not have stains, nor residues of withered flowers or spent candles.

In addition, the glasses will always remain with clean water and the flowers should never be allowed to wilt inside the Vault.

La attention to the Spiritual VaultIt also includes that no object other than its significance and use is placed on the surface.

The space in which it is located must also be respected. In other words, it will not be cursed nor will it lead to physical or verbal violence. Nor should there be sexual intimacy.

2. A I greet every day

La attention to the spiritual vault It also includes a greeting each day.

The way to carry out this action is individual to each person, as it establishes a form of personal communication with the spirits of the ancestors.

To greet the spiritual vault, a white candle should always be lit and after tapping three times with the knuckles of the right hand, they proceed to the greeting of their protective guides and relatives of the spiritual picture, always asking for their blessing and that of the Blessed Sacrament.

3. Pray and talk with your Eggun

When you sit down to talk with your protective spirits (Eggun), do so in calm and tranquility, remember that they are beings of light that protect you, therefore, be honest, they know everything about you, nothing is hidden between the earth and the sky. .

What you offer do it from the heart, always attend to them with love, do not claim or curse them, they will fulfill your requests as long as you need that request and it is for your good, be understanding and have faith.

4. Dispossession and cleansing in the name of our spirits

In front of its vault, it must be stripped when leaving each day with holy water, eau de cologne and cascarilla and also when returning, so that everything collected remains in its vault.

While you are dispossessing, ask the beings of light that protect you to help you overcome difficulties, to bring you health and that their protection be with you.

It is always clarified that the candle that was lit to greet the spiritual vault can be reused the next time the spiritual vault is greeted, until it is completely consumed.

Keep in mind that when you finish greeting, attending and undressing in front of the spiritual vault, you must extinguish the candle, in this way you close the connection that you opened to provide the attention.


  • It is recommended to attend the vault every Monday during hours of the mañana.
  • When you attend the vault, present yourself clean, neat and preferably in white clothes.
  • The candle is not blown out, but with your fingers or a little water.
  • Place photos, attributes or foods that deceased relatives liked in the vault.
  • White flowers are a basic offering for the vault, try to always have them.

The spiritual mass and attention to the vault

As part of the attention to the Spiritual Vault, a mass can be celebrated to deal with different questions related to the support of the Egguns in a certain situation or the gratitude for their blessings.

Masses are also held to learn about our spiritual picture and the spirits that accompany us.añan.

During the celebration of a spiritual mass, the candle that is used will not be allowed to go out, the Vault must always be illuminated with a new candle.

The new candle will be placed on the small white plate, which should remain in the central place of the Vault.

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Comments (17)

Good morning from Seville (Esp.aña) my name is Juan, I would like to know how I should greet my spiritual vault by mañaWhen I get up I do it this way and I don't know if I'm doing it right: I light the candle, I get older, I say good morning and then I say the daily prayer. Thank you and many blessings


Good morning Juan and blessings. From your description you do it well. But it is not necessary to follow exact steps to greet or attend to your Spiritual Vault.

The important thing is your Faith. I usually do it in the following way, but it is my way, each one must find their own way with intuition.
– I first light my candle, greet and ask for blessings.
– I pray the Prayer of the Our Father and Hail Mary.
– I cross myself and start other prayers if I have enough time 🙏, if not I leave it until then.

But this is not a guide. They will be grateful for your attention anyway.
Greetings to you.


Hello! Blessings.

I have made an offering (food) to my family ancestors in my spiritual Vault… My question is: After 9 days where do I put the food?
Thank you🙏


Fabiola, blessings to you, you can throw it in the garbage outside the house, a hug and lots of ashé.


Excuse my ignorance,
Where I live it is difficult for me to find someone who knows Spiritual Bobeda.
I did not have it, a friend recommended it to me and I assembled it, the glasses, the cup are empty (I have not filled them with water so as not to anger my ancestors) the Blessed Sacrament, a Cedar Cross and a new Crucifix are in their wrapping with the fear that once with water and I start to say hello, pay attention and pray, things won't work out for me.
Does the Bobeda have to be assembled and consecrated by a Spiritualist before using attend?


Nelson Good morning!
I will comment as my elders always did, and we have never had to look for anyone to consecrate a vault.
When you do things with faith, you don't have to be afraid of anything.
You put your glasses with water to raise those spirits of your spiritual picture and in the center the Cup with its cross. Sit in your vault, light your candle and say the prayers of Allan Kardec and you will see how everything flows little by little. Do not be afraid and start, many blessings.


With faith everything is possible, there is no need for luxuries or anything very exaggerated, your glasses with water, the cross and prayers.

I am looking for knowledge and education on these issues. It is something that I love. That calls me, although I have never dedicated myself to it. I feel something I should do. A thousand blessings and ASHEEEEE.


Mary blessings, we invite you to subscribe for free:
You can also read about these spiritual issues at this link:

Much ashe for you


Good afternoon
My wife has the novelty
I ask:
Can I help you with your maintenance, change of flowers, water?


Salvador thanks for asking. If you can as long as your wife authorizes it, but I do recommend that you give knowledge to the spirits out of respect. Blessings for you.


Hello, good night. Excuse me, my ignorance says that one should cleanse with holy water, Florida water and cascarilla and where do I apply the cascarilla


Geraldine blessings to you. Of the cascarilla We take the powder, and with it we clean ourselves starting from the top. We put on the nape, on the arms, on the clothes, and we finish on the feet. This element is purifying, so when we put it in our body it gives us a lot of ashé.

First of all blessings and excuse my ignorance….
They sent me to ride the vault, I proceeded as they told me... But how do I identify who my guides are and whom I could see for this... Thanks in advance and ashee

Yordanis blessings, it is not ignorance, we are all born without knowledge and we acquire it over time, so thanks for asking. The guides and protectors are identified through spiritual masses in which you may be invited or do one at home, but the best are the masses of spiritual investigation that you can do for yourself, whispers also come through dreams, you may hear their names or see them, but all that is through time, sitting in your spiritual vault you will discover your guides and protectors. You never know our spiritual picture, there is always more, trust us.

Very interesting 😊😊 thank you thank you thank you and Blessings


Dainely, thanks for always reading us, a thousand blessings.

send this message
Hello, I need to consult me. Can you send me the information and the price of the Spiritual Consultations guided by an Espiritista Santera? Thank you. Ashe 🙏