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Offerings for Orula, attentions and cleaning ritual to the Oracle of Ifá

Serve Orula

orunmila (Orula) is considered the great fortune teller of the Yoruba Religion, this deity is syncretized with Saint Francis of Assisi in the Catholic Religion, a saint of great devotion in the national territory.

Green and yellow are his colors Representatives, to make their necklace and ildé, beads of this tone are used, the pataki relates that Orula established a pact with death, by means of which he demanded that the entity respect the lives of his children, whom he identified with these attributes.

  • His festival is celebrated on October 4, the day in which the faithful go to the house of their godparents to venerate the oracle and receive its blessing.

He is a wise Orisha, he represents intelligence.

Orunmila gives advice to the religious through the ékuele and the até name with which the Ifá board is known, his orientations should not be taken lightly because his words are capable of saving from osogbos (negative energies) and delaying the arrival of death itself.

Tips to properly serve Orula:

Once the religious receives the Hand of Orula if he is a man or the Ikofá if he is a woman, he finds a path to follow in life, which will be less narrow if the Itá provided by this saint is respected.

Orunmila is a very important deity, he has the responsibility of notifying the initiate that Orisha will be his guardian angel.

The Orisha Orula can be cared for at home through very simple rites and offerings.

It is important to note that all the edible offerings that are placed on this saint must be represented with the number 16, which is one of its distinctive digits.

They must be tasted by the person who offers them in the presence of the receptacle of the fortune teller, if this action is not carried out the Orisha will not observe them with good eyes and will be suspicious.

What is offered to the Orisha Orunmila?

Orunmila is sacrificed:

  • The goat, the snapper,
  • the black hen,
  • the dove and
  • the deer to name a few examples.

Said sacrifices must be performed by an Ifá priest.

Among his favorite sweets we can mention:

  • The torrejas,
  • the fritters,
  • the muffins,
  • the guava shells and
  • the flan.

Roasted Snapper and Chicken are one of the favorite dishes of the oracle. He likes liqueurs and cider in equal measure.

Between the offerings (adimú) to attend Orula You can pay flowers, candles, coconuts and other fresh fruits.

Yams can be offered raw or cooked in the same way grains are prepared.

Ritual to cleanse Orula

When the santero or the babalawo going to clean Orula he must do it sitting on a mat.

IMPORTANT: It is an essential requirement in the case of women who perform this procedure not to be passing through the menstrual period. 

To carry out the cleaning, its receptacle is uncovered, having requested prior permission.

The religious prepares with his hands a proportional mixture with corojo butter and honey, the devotee places the representation of the Orisha in his hands, taking care that it does not fall to the ground and talks with him while rubbing it with the preparation.

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