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How to activate and attract good energies to the home? 6 Tips and a prayer

Attract good energies to the home

There are many ways in which we can connect with that immense energy that nourishes our daily lives.

It is in our power to transform it into good vibes, so that it accompanies us in our plans, opportunities and objectives.

How do we detect the bad energies that surround us?

When the circulation of energy is not adequate, an imbalance occurs that influences ourselves and the waves that are generated around us, causing us to feel bad in health and spirit and that our goals crumble.

For this reason, we must pay great attention to the spaces through which we travel daily, as they are charged with energy.

In addition, when we return to our home after having been out all day, we bring with us a charge of energy that is absorbed by the walls of our home.

If what we bring with us is bad vibes, empañaIt will destroy our house and stay in the corners, making us miserable and insecure.

To avoid this, it is very important to follow some tips to renew and activate the positive energy of the home and clean spaces that have a "bad vibe."

Thus we will walk again in an environment in which we feel pleasure, relief and relax.

The benefits of bringing good vibes to our home:

  • bring good health,
  • allow everything to flow positively, be it love, relationships, economy,
  • eliminate our fears,
  • improve communication with other people.

While bad vibes bring discord, conflict, disharmony, hatred and resentment.

We now propose some simple ways to get rid of that bad vibe that could be stagnant in our home:

1. Clean doors and windows "so that the good comes and the bad goes"

Windows and doors are frontiers between the home and the outside world, thus providing entry points for energy.

Through them, bad vibes can enter or good vibes escape.

To prevent this from happening, it is good to clean these openings once a week with purifying elements such as vinegar and lemon juice.

2. Keep the floors clean so that positive energies flow

For good energy to flow, our home must be organized and clean.

For this reason, we must always maintain good conditions in each room, so we will avoid bad vibes from accumulating.

Cleaning with water and salt to eliminate dark vibes:

  • If we feel the environment charged, we can mix six tablespoons of salt with water, as a cleaner to get rid of bad energy in the home and make positive energy flow.
  • Then with that mixture we clean the floors of each habitation of the house

Another way to attract positive energy through salt is by placing it in a container in different corners of the house.

Although it is advisable to change this container every two months or when it gets dirty with bugs or other dirt.

3. Use incense, incense and scented candles

Benefits of scented candles

There are different essential oils that are used to make incense, incense and aromatic candles, which through the aroma they give off help to purify our home.

When we turn on these elements of aromatherapy, we must let the smell permeate each habitation and space of the house.

Some powerful elements that we can use:

The cinnamon and patchouli incense, are among the most popular to banish bad vibes,

Rue, rosemary and sage incense, they will protect each space from negativity and bad spirits.

We can use lavender, cedar and jasmine scented candles to dissolve bad energy and at the same time generate a peaceful and relaxed environment.

This will drive away bad energy and attract luck, love, health and prosperity to our home.

4. Place cacti or other plants on electronic devices

Cactus plants

The CactusLike many other plants, they attract good energies and also absorb negative electromagnetic energies that electrical appliances and electronic devices generate.

To prevent that negativity from spreading through our home, we can place a plant on top of each electronic device that absorbs the bad vibes.

Some plants that have the power to ward off dark influences are:

  • The Cactus,
  • aloe vera,
  • the rosemary,
  • basil.

5. Place stones in the shape of a pyramid in various spaces of the house

Many are the stones that attract good vibes and banish negativity, they are powerful objects for good energies.

If we also place them in the shape of pyramids, they will increase vitality and combat bad vibrations.

There are very spiritual stones such as quartz, of various materials and colors and can be located in different places in the home.

It is advisable to place them in the living room and dining room so that they attract good wishes and vibes for the home.

6. Clean the mirror power with white vinegar

Mirrors make energy flow, especially in small environments. It is said that it is not advisable to place them in front of the entrance door since the energy bounces.

On the other hand, vinegar attracts positive energies. Therefore, by cleaning the mirrors with it, we generate more and better energy and combat bad vibes. 

Powerful prayer to get rid of all the bad things in my life and for the good energy to come

To attract positive energies and drive away bad vibes at home there is a cleansing prayer that allows you to raise the vibrations and activate positivity.

By raising the following prayer with great faith, we will obtain peace, security and happiness in our home:

Lord, remove all evil from this house and allow prosperity, health and love to reign.

That negative energy does not enter my door, nor do bad desires or other people's envy creep in

May there never be deceit, envy, jealousy, or selfishness in this house. May there be no restlessness, discord, irritability, and may we have no fear.

I ask you Lord, to protect all of us who live under this roof and to keep bad influences, difficulties and obstacles away from us.

I know that, with your help, Prosperity will settle in this house and no good will be lacking for me or mine.

Give us, Lord, health to all of us who live under this roof, and remove from us the shadow of disease and death.

Do not allow the evil spirits to hover around us, and guide us with your light in the darkness of the night

I assure you that visits will be welcome and whoever enters my house will feel pleased, happy and prosperous.

All feelings of anger, hatred and revenge will be cast out of this home. Here peace and love endure

My house is your temple, and only good will govern the actions of those of us who live here


Not only must we cleanse our home of bad energies, our body must also be purified with baths:

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