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The Goat Skin Bag is one of the sacred Attributes of Elegguá

Attributes of Elegguá

The Orisha Elegguá He is a very wise saint, behind his mischievous and childish appearance hides the intelligence and foundation of a giant, virtues that make him the protective deity of the vicissitudes of destiny.

He is a major Orisha belonging to the Yoruba Pantheon, which is why he is crowned in the sacred ceremony of the Osha.

His courage, determination and ability to combat injustice made him worthy of being part of the Warrior Orishas who are the saints in charge of providing protection against adversity and health to combat disease.

Elegguá is the saint who mediates between good and evil, he is in charge of guiding the human being towards luck or osogbos depending on their merit.

The powerful Attributes of the Orisha ELEGUÁ. give us their protection

The Orisha Elegguá is possessor of multiple attributes, among these are the rattle, the toys, the maraca, the red and black guirito and the goat skin bag to name a few.

The latter is perhaps one of the most striking, said bag is one of the fundamental pieces that it uses the iyawó (initiated) during some of the holy ceremonies that involve him in his year of Iyaworaje.

The iyawó performs the ceremony of walking around the block accompaniedañado of one of his elders carrying with him the bag of goatskin in this he carries:

  • candies,
  • schnapps,
  • pennies,
  • cigars,
  • smoked fish,
  • roasted corn and
  • smoked jutía.

Elements that he distributes in his path to the people who are on the way to whom he gives away through this action I will go and unfold.

The Goatskin Bag It is part of the ceremonial costume worn by the Elegguá iyawó on the middle or second day of having crowned the Osha.

Same outfit that he wears when appearing before the Batá drums in Oro Mayoco, a consecration ceremony that the initiate in Santeria receives at the foot of the drums of Kawo Sile.

The ceremonial bag that attracts the Iré and sentences the enemies.

When the santero wishes to look for the iré, he takes his ceremonial bag and fills it with smoked fish, corn and jutía and throws this content in the four corners corresponding to his home, leaving one unprepared so that the iré enters.

Through this bag, the religious asks Elegguá for wishes and war against enemies, introducing their name inside the bag, accusing them before the Orisha who owns the roads in order for him to take justice. by your hands.

Works to the little one of the Osha Eleguá:

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