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Peculiarities of the Orisha Oyá and a bit of his Treatise

Attributes of Oyá

Oyá is the most warrior within the female Orishas, represents the air we breathe, one of the five main elements of life.

She is the owner of the square and learns the trade in the lands of Oba Nani.

who raises Oyá is a obbatala very old man named Baba Afabile, which habita in the atmosphere, in charge of keeping the air clean in our lives because Olofin decided so. The Arará call her Aadane Kureñe.

Some particularities that define the deity Oyá:

  • In the Oddun Osa Kuleya (9-3) is where Oyá stop eating mutton to save the Jimaguas Ibeyis.
  • In the Oddun Okana Sodde (1-6) is where it is established that there is no Oyá without Oshun, or Oshun without Oyá.
  • Oyá She can be the mother of Shangó's children.
  • Its stone is the stone of lightning.
  • Oyá It is an Orisha of great importance in the cults of Osha-Egguns, Osain, Orun (king of the dead) and in Ifá.
  • The Osain of Oyá It has great power and is mounted with 9-faced leather heads of women loaded with their respective secrets.

Attributes that represent the Orisha of the spark

Oyá Offerings

What is the Orole? Yansa's mask

It is the mask of Oyá and is representing a spirit that bears that name, whose spirit represents Orun in the land of Iworo (priest of Ifá), is the guardian angel of Oyá and gave it to this Ashikuelu (she is the one who commands the Egguns).

It eats eyelé fun (white dove) and is used by the son of Oyá to dance to Oggun.

The power attribute of Oyá: The Iruke


It is called Afisa Baba Aweniku, it is loaded on the handle to be able to have the power to ward off diseases.

This sacred element, the irukeIt is a stick of hair made from the horse's tail and is tied to a handle that can be made of different materials.

Before lining it, it is assembled with a load of different ingredients, then it is given a jio jio (chick) including its lerí (head).

After being lined, it is covered with beads of Oyá, an eyelé carmelita (carmelita dove) is given to the mango and they sing to it:

Iruke Osain Baba Abelorun
Baba Awenku Baba Abelorun
Baba Awenku Iyansan Awelorun
Egun Awenku Osain Awenku

I pray to cleanse with the Iruke:

Ifasa Iyansan Awelorun Baba Awenku
Iku Kamayireo Omo Dide Dide
Arun Kamayireo Omo Dide Dide

And so on, all the Osogbos that one wishes to get rid of along the way are mentioned.

consecration ceremony in Oyá:

Cemetery Oyá
Es Oyá the warrior who lives at the gate of the cemeteries

Sixteen days before the consecration, the initiate (Iyawó) with his godmother and Oyubbona is taken to a ceremony that the Babalawo will perform at the foot of a star apple tree.

Seven days after this ceremony, that is, 9 days before the Sodde Orisha (seating ceremony), Addimú ceremonies must be completed, taking the Iyawó to nine different places, with the corresponding animals offered to the spirits of Oyá.

The nine positions of the spirits of Oyá and their offerings:

  1. Well (Ayadalya) and an Akuko (rooster)
  2. Ruined House (Ira La Merín) and Eyelé Okana (a dove)
  3. Cuatro Caminos (Bomienta) and a Osadié (chicken)
  4. River (Orirí) and an Addié (hen)
  5. Mar (Iyazan) and an Akuko
  6. Manigua (Finamain) and an Akuko
  7. Loma (Adeleye) and an Eyelé
  8. Plaza (Alelemu) and an Etú (guinea fowl)
  9. Cemetery (Yadome) and an Eyelé

Oyá He has many other powers, qualities and attributes of great strength, which give him power and ashe, as well as religious secrets that should not be revealed out of respect.

The truth is that it is a warrior deity and immense energy, as great and powerful as the universe itself.

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