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Auguries that religious should know by 2022 according to Letter of the Year

Augurios letter of the year 2022

Ifá by determining the letter of the year offers religious the possibility of knowing the predictions that the Orishas provide for the coming year.

This year has the particularity of making it extremely necessary for Obatalá to spill intelligence, health and tranquility on the world, since humanity has lived through very turbulent times and great loss of human life.

The organization must prevail during this 2022

The organization is one of the aspects that should prevail during this 2022, because a life in order will not cause disturbances in the future of the religious.

The good internal order will preserve neatness and discipline in the home, a temple where each human being:

  • He takes refuge from adversity,
  • enjoy true rest and
  • share the pleasure of enjoying the company of family.

Meal and sleep schedules must be respected, so that gastrointestinal diseases do not arise, or work overloads that cloud the body with stress.

With a fresh head, better decisions can be made

During this year the religious must keep his head cool, making prayers with:

  • Coconut,
  • breadfruit,
  • milk,
  • bread,
  • cocoa,
  • cascarilla y
  • prodigious indistinctly.

It is advisable to sleep with your head covered with a white scarf or hat and not expose yourself unnecessarily to the serene, to the wind, or to the rain.

Ifá indicates dressing in white and light colors to purify the astral and attract peace, tranquility and development.

The adversities will not be eternal, you have to learn to be calm

It is necessary to take both the bad and the good events that come into our lives with the greatest serenity possible.

You must never deny the Osha-Ifá Rule knowing how to accept with faith the trials that knock on our door, with the conviction that we will not face them alone and that our spirits and saints will sustain us in each battle.

This year we must be aware that adversity will not last forever and that little by little we will move forward.

Humility and patience are the banners of 2022

Humility and patience, doctrines instilled by Obatalá should be the words of order, because this year pride and lack of modesty will bring serious situations to the life of those who do not know how to settle for what they can have.

Baba indicates being more tolerant and learning to forgive and put aside what hurts us.

Well, living thinking only of pain, lack and resentment wither the soul, preventing us from seeing all the opportunities that are to come and that are delayed when the spirits consider that they are not ready to make good use of them.

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