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Ifá says: Greed is born in Ogbe Oche Advice we must take!

Greed in Ogbe Oche

The pataki relates that on one occasion the parrot came to the house of Orunmila to register it for being in a bad economic position.

As the great fortune teller wanted to help him, he did so by marking the accomplishment of an ebbó.

At the same time, he warned him that great luck was coming for him in his destiny but that if he acted greedily, he could lose it irretrievably.

Pataki where by greedy the parrot loses its luck

The parrot did not give much importance to the performance of the ebbó because he was anxious about the arrival of luck in his life, so he left Orumila's house pleased and began to fly through the mountains.

Suddenly he made out among the trees and undergrowth a palm tree that had some delicious red fruits.

The parrot feeling lucky and intelligent flew towards them and began to eat them with great despair.

He who ignores "Orula's word" must face the consequences

When he had satisfied his hunger, he thought of taking some fruits home with him so as not to have to return to look for them the next day when he wanted to eat them again.

So he took some and placed them on his wings, on his legs he took two more and in his mouth he carried the last one he could carry.

When starting the flight, the parrot lost the fruits that it carried on its wings, a fact that made it feel sad but continued on its way.

After a while of traveling, he wanted to perch on a branch to rest, recovering his strength and when he opened his legs to take the branch, he dropped the fruits that he was holding.

Disgusted at having lost most of the cargo, he opened his beak to complain about wasting his last chance to bring food home.

In this way the parrot returned home without the fruits, throughout the journey he thought about Orula's words, realizing that because he was greedy he had irretrievably lost his luck.

Teachings that this pataki gives to all religious

When the religious who registers at the foot of Orula draws this sign, Ifá recommends that he must be very careful and agreeable, because luck will come into his life when he least expects it and by acting with greed he may lose it.

For these reasons, it is advisable to think about decisions before making them and not want to cover more than you can.

Instead, you must grasp the opportunities that destiny offers, which in most cases are unique and unrepeatable.

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