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Ayana, Aja and Ayao: Three very powerful minor deities of the Osha

Ayana Aja and Ayao

Ayana, Aja and Ayao are three Yoruba female deities who were sent to earth to fulfill direct missions of Olodumare.

His cult, although fervent in Africa has been overshadowed towards the West due to the ignorance of the true Yoruba roots of the African religion.

Respect and veneration are owed to these beautiful women because centuries of knowledge and saintly powers are treasured in them.

Among its virtues are wisdom, the help of the needy and religious secrecy so as not to incur the desecration of religion in the eyes and ears of skeptics.

Ayana the Orisha who was born from the river.

Ayana is a minor Orisha belonging to the Yoruba Pantheon who is closely related to Oshún.

This was born from the currents of a river originating in Africa, in which today homage is paid to this deity.

Devotees bring him floral offerings and fresh fruit to commemorate his legacy, which has been forgotten by many Western-based Yoruba practitioners.

Aja the African deity governess of children.

Aja is a minor Yoruba Orisha, her virtues include the transmission of messages through the notes of the harp, a musical instrument that she masters to perfection.

It is believed that this saint instructs children in the knowledge of nature and medicinal plants, being illustrious in numerous healing secrets works hand in hand with osain.

Aja is said to have a strong and energetic character. This is considered one of the first female doctors of the Ocha.

He is immortalized by being transported in a marine whirlwind. This deity provides aid during shipwrecks suffered by boats and sailors.

Ayao the Orisha who habita in the roots of the Ceiba.

ayao habita in the roots of the ceiba tree, she is a very beautiful and talented Orisha.

She is considered a half sister of Oyá yansa, the holy possessor of the power of the spark. She does not sit on the leri (head) but she is crowned by Oyá, deity through which Ayao descends to earth in the bembés.

Ayao is closely related to Shango by possessing many of the secrets of the ceiba tree and its ceremonies. Banquets are offered with all the luxuries of a queen, for this she must be called before and venerated at the foot of the ceiba tree.

This saint is related to financial development and the overcoming of causes and difficulties on enemies.

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