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Three Pataki on Baba Ejiogbe ► Stories of Orula «The fortune teller»

Baba Ejiogbe Pataki

Meet these three Pataki of the Baba Ejiogbe Sign where luck, love and intelligence are mixed. 

Orula helped her three visitors.

Orumila the great fortune teller He was known in the town where he lived for performing great miracles, it happened that on certain nights he could not sleep, even feeling that he was being watched.

On one of these evenings, he felt a noise coming from the living room of his house and he went downstairs to check what had happened.

Surprisingly, he found one of Olofin's messengers who came to his door to warn him of the future arrival of three people to his house whom he had to help.

In this way the days passed and without waiting two men and a woman knocked on his door, when the fortune teller saw them, he knew who it was and made them pass.

  • The first was Eshú, to whom he gave smoked fish, corn and hutía,
  • the second visitor was Oggun to the one who awarded the brandy and,
  • finally made his entrance Oshun whom he consecrated through the Ochin chin.

From that day on, the Ifá oracle told said Orishas to save their descendants with each of these magical elements.

Orere, Orumila's wife.

Orere was a very beautiful and intelligent woman, she possessed great wisdom and during her years of marriage with the Ifá soothsayer she had learned many of its secrets.

One day Orula decided to abandon her because he believed that her heart belonged to another woman.

Unknowingly, by making this decision, he not only abandoned his wife but also left his luck behind.

From that moment he began to experience precariousness, on a certain occasion Orula met Orere on the way and realized that he was also in need.

After a few minutes of silence both were able to release the rancor that habitaIt was inside their hearts, this being the only way to find again the moral and material advancement that both had lost and needed so much.

Olofin wanted to give Orula the protection of the land.

Olofin was old and tired, so he wanted to leave the protection of the earth in the hands of his best disciple.

This was Orula the Ifá diviner who had consecrated his life in order to help others through the Yoruba doctrines.

Rumors of his decision reached the ears of Iku, who had served Olofin well and therefore had aspirations to rule the land.

As Olofin had realized that there was more than one suitable candidate for this position, he decided to hold a tournament to crown the winner as guardian of the earth plane.

This contest consisted of staying three days without eating any food.

On the second day of the test, Orula felt hungry, he was tempted by Eshu on several occasions, but he never gave in to his wishes.

After a few hours Eleggua brought a hen for Orula and of this only the bones remained, the mischievous Orisha buried her and swore to keep the secret.

Suddenly Ikú arrived, driven by hunger, unearthed the bones and began to eat them, having been left in evidence and having no alibi to back her up, she lost the competition, with Orula being the only winner.

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